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Feb 6, 2015
Nov 6, 2011
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January 17
north Texas

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Ultra Member, from north Texas

ECF Veteran
Karen171 was last seen:
Feb 6, 2015
    1. triplemom
      Gosh thats a cute picture!!!!!
    2. Kim151
      Me too. Looking at your Yorkie makes me miss mine. She's like an another child in our family. And she does get sooooo jealous, lol.
    3. Desert Willow
      Desert Willow
      Thank you! hugs!
    4. Bluesman
      I haven't seen you around lately. Maybe we are in at different times and on different forums. Hello and hope you're doing well.
    5. Bluesman
      I'm not very good at internet social life. I've been using the internet a long time (even before it was the internet), but I haven't socialized. I spend most of my time with the residents of my house - dogs and cats who were homeless, abused, or otherwise neglected and forgotten. But, thank you for friending me. And, thank you for your care and work with animals. But, we are here about vaping. I do like vaping and it sure beats cigarettes. All good things to you, Karen.
    6. Criminy!
      Thanks Karen171 - I did not even know this feature was here! lol
    7. Balthezar
      Thanks :) and Happy New Year to you, too, Karen.
    8. Balthezar
      If I get a break from this Georgia Get Together it will be :laugh: It's been taking up all of my spare time lately, but now that the details are working out it shouldn't be as bad :D
    9. Balthezar
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)
    10. triplemom
      Your baby is soo cute!!!!!! Is he wearing doggles? Mine loves his:))
    11. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      the shelter thing is a pay it forward because I got a shelter cat after my divorce. I moved out of state so it's not the same shelter. When you take one of the dogs out for a walk or kick back and hold one of the cats there's nothing like the look of "oh thanks for spending some time with me" that they give you.
    12. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      One of those things I figured if I won something like the $100 gift card to Amazon it might do more good for someone else and help out a cause I believe in at the same time. Think it's been a year since I first started volunteering at the shelter. Might not be able to help out every critter but it makes the heart feel good when you see one of them get placed in a forever home.
    13. JewelzBagz
      Thanks Karen! That's my baby Loki around this time last year-wearing the jammies I made him for winter. You have an adorable baby too!
    14. tofucute
    15. Balthezar
      Just a quick hello and Happy Thanksgiving :)
    16. Balthezar
      My pleasure, Karen, Thank you for sending it :)

    17. Balthezar
      I like to show people when I get something from their post, whether it's informative, or makes me laugh. and to show people that I appreciate when they have something to add to the community. Thank you. :)
    18. tofucute
    19. debb
      *waving* :)
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    January 17
    north Texas
    Gardening, Animal Rights, Humane Society, Vaping..of course!
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