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Aug 7, 2015
Jan 24, 2012
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Dec 15, 1959 (Age: 62)
Out in the middle of Nowhere
Farmer's wife :)

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Ultra Member, 62, from Out in the middle of Nowhere

ECF Veteran
Kay1959 was last seen:
Aug 7, 2015
    1. classwife
    2. dragonbone
    3. classwife
      Yep...I did too lol !
    4. classwife
    5. taxman32
      Hey stranger! It has been a long time I've thought about your mother and was hoping she came through her replacement ok. Looks like you all had a good time at your vape-in. I would definitely go back to another one.
      Went out with the RV this weekend and had a blast. Took our youngest grandson (1 year) camping for the first time and his first boat ride. If you have Facebook send me a friend request. I post pics every now and then but I'm not one to post about every little thing.
      I did buy a Lavatube from Vapor nine and I really like it mainly for the battery life.
      Talk to you later,
    6. taxman32
      Feeling much better! That's the way crohns is ok one day feel terrible the next. I'm just happy when it lasts just a couple of days. Got my multimeter and checked all my batteries. It's fun to play with. I'm going to have to use it to work on my rv's generator. Dr.s told me I'd probably have to have knee replacements just not too soon I hope. Hope your Mom gets better. Sure shes suffered with knee pain. Let me know how things work out.
    7. taxman32
      I didn't get it. That day I started having a flareup of my Crohns and haven't felt like stopping. Dealing with chronic pain sucks. I'm happy for you and your right 3.7 just doesn't do it!! I'll catch up next week if my guts settle down some. You're gonna have to send me pics.
    8. taxman32
      I'm doing well. I bought a tank from Parkes Vaping that they make it's called the Acorn. I've got to say it's pretty good. Doesn't use a carto. I'm out of new cartos but I got in on the coop for the Smoktech xls. Guess I'll get the tool to punch them and use some for my other tanks. It seems there is always something to do. I'm really putting off cleaning my old cartos one more time.
    9. taxman32
      You know I had answered you right away the only thing is, I posted on my visitor page instead of yours!! DUMMMYY!! Just wanted you to know I wasn't ignoring you!
      You doing ok??

      I've been putting off going to Lowes and getting a multimeter because everyybody swears by them so today I need to go and get some heavy gauge wire to finish a project on my RV so I'll get one! If I have any questions I'll write you. Glad you like your new one!
    10. Kay1959
      Oh yes! I'm vaping on it right now. After I found out that the batteries do not come completely charged, even though the charger shows green, I'm golden! lol! I've also learned how to check the voltage on batteries now! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?! lol!
    11. taxman32
      So, did you get your Provape and does it work well?
    12. taxman32
      I'm glad you got what you wanted. I've been reading about the VV Tox kit? or something like that and it seems to have everything you'd need but a lot less $$. I'm ok with what I've got, well I may need a nice box mod. It's always something. Be good. Oh yeah one of my co-workers is ordering one today after using one of mine for a few days. He really wants to quit.
    13. Gingerzeronic
      Oh, we're fine! We just got busy and the snow was a little inconvenient. Thanks for asking!
    14. murrajes
      I love horses too!!!!!!!
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  • About

    Dec 15, 1959 (Age: 62)
    Out in the middle of Nowhere
    Farmer's wife :)
    I live on a farm. We raise crops, cows and I have horses. I want very badly to quit smoking analog cigarettes, and hope that the ecig will help.

    farm work. training horses, playing games online. Very artistic
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