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Jan 25, 2011
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September 12

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    1. lildevil8200
      thanks for liking my recipe! :)
    2. Glam
      Hi Brandi: (love using your name) When I opened the forum today, I was amazed at the show of caring support from so many people. All week for that matter. With that much friendship, I am thinking I might have to come back--just not post so much. I must be an emotional nut case, cause I just broke down and cried when I started reading all those really nice, nice, nice messages. Some of you guys are really so special. Anyway, I am a sucker for feeling like I am wanted. So I will probably be back--but not for a while. I am super busy for the next couple of days. What else can I do when it appears so many people want me in their forum lives?? I could just hug and kiss all the ones who sent me messages.

    3. Iowa Gal
      Iowa Gal
      okay girlfriend... i am having a blast tonight as I've had more online time than in the past month. How the heck do you do the like thing? I can't figure it out
    4. Rappel_Welch
      Well shucks. :) I'm well, thanks. It's been crazy at work, and at home I'm trying to get ready for houseguests as well as trying to get ready to head back to school. yuck! :)
    5. keelalagirl55
      It was my pleasure swapr1:) As for the samples, it really is not necessary, I am just so glad I could help.
      As for my doggie....oh my yessssss....she is very spoiled:laugh: and she loves hearing how cute she is.....thank you.

      Happy Vaping
    6. swapr1
      thanks keelalagirl for helping me find that dk-tab! please send me your addy for some juice samples . i'd love to treat you ! love the pic ... i bet that is one loved doggie !
    7. Lauralie
      Good Morning!!! :)
    8. Morandir835
      Ms. Keelalagirl you brighten my day, no matter how bad it is. :)
    9. keelalagirl55
      Awww Laura...thank you...that means a lot! I too consider you my friend (even if you don't like the Hendrick Boys:p)....You are such a sweetie and I am honored to be your friend:)
    10. Lauralie
      I just want you to know that finding you on this forum has been awesome - even though I will probably never meet you and your family I consider you my friend!
    11. Glam
      Hi keelalagirl: I can tell by your posts, we would be friends in real life so thanks for making me your friend. I also love animals--have 2 cats that are a big part of our lives. When we lost our white German shepherd to cancer a few years back, so heartbroken that we could not replace him, so understand being a dog lover. Looking forward to seeing you around the forum.
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