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Apr 11, 2011
Mar 21, 2009
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November 30
Editor and Editor-in-Chief of several political an

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Super Member, from Nashville

ECF Veteran
Kendra was last seen:
Apr 11, 2011
    1. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      Happy Birthday Kendra! I hope your day id filled with wonderful surprises! Mary Kay
    2. Kendra
      I have no idea. How much is it worth for you to buy? I really have no idea. I don't want to lose any money, so I need a high offer. Thanks, though.
    3. breakfastchef
      Hey, Fairy Queen: How much for the damaged GG? I would like to study it. It may be worth it for me to repair it rather than you be out another $12 or so. Let me know.
    4. breakfastchef
      Kendra: Spot on post about the GG button recall issue. I suppose that is a risk of dealing with an 'unknown' half the world away. I would have made a reply to your post, but Imeo would likely have deleted it. Not the first time.
    5. cosican
      The GG is great w/ the 510 adapter, no big deal w/ the 901 or 801, but I only used it w/ these for a few moments The 510 is very good, All my mods w/ 901's just cant keep the attz alive I have cooked 15 901 atz in the last few weeks, not sure what is up, I am hoping the prodigy will do 901 justice
      I mix my own juices when I get restless and add to the ones I have
      I do not know for sure about anyone being banned, I just read something real quick and started a rumor I guess oh well
    6. cosican
      hey I think I received a pm for you last night, unless I was dreaming, cos I cant find it on my pm page, so if you did, Hey, I am well, busy and trying to stay alive in the busienss world, I am also attempting to get set up doing ecigs in flea markets w/ a few forum guys here in NC, I got the stick a week ago and just got the GG, 5 minutes ago, Will play with the GG and get back to you
      How are you?? how are the toys going for you, The GG ever get right??
      Yeah I no longer post on the site, I do read it atleast once a day, to keep track, it llooks like alot has happened as far as people and banning and that stuff
      I DO MISS you for sure
    7. drunkenmonk
      Didn't get mine yet, tracking says it's in NC... Wrong coast!!! Still waiting for the mail hoping that's a mistake but...
    8. fiddler
      Hi! Didn't spot this until today (new to PM's). That's a good one about the "martinus"! I don't have any Roman jokes but here's the best bar joke I know (shamelessly ripped off from Robin Williams):

      A Chassidic rabbi walks into a bar with a frog on his shoulder.
      The bartender does a double take and says "Where did you find that?".
      The frog replies "Brooklyn! There are hundreds of them"
    9. jangler
      Hey Kendra, Hope this evening finds you well... Any who, I get the flirting, pleasantries thing now. I let Imeo know my gender and OH WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Now he's doing all updates without the "hmm he don't know what he's doing, don't know how to clean, should send out better tutorial on how to clean" stuff. Well not exactly verbatim but same tone. So I guess I have to be a little girly in my response. It get's the boy going. As long as I get a better product, OK I'll play...

      Thought you might get a giggle outta this little anectode.

      Night, night, hope you're GG gooes back home to you safe and sound and working well.
    10. drunkenmonk
      Just curious, what was your stick order number and do we have to wait for the next shipment? My number is 4678...

    11. Tone
      Where ya been????
    12. cosican
      I am a spender loser, YES u told me about the Stic, that is why I bought it, I do see you are having a nice long chat w/ Imeo, I have to get a chuckle, trying to imagine you working on the GG to make it work, I had the exact same thing w/ the LV's I lost 8 901 atz. I just sent Ted the LV,yesterday, so he has them now, and told him not to rush, just get them done before he leaves

      Sorry for the probs on the GG, all of this handmade stuff can go great and not so great
      promise to keep me looped
    13. cosican
      So ,ofcourse I ordered the GG w/ the 801 adapter, thanks A LOT, I blame you!! if I cant pay my electric bill, I will have Duke power call you
      It will ship?? Thursday, and I placed an order for the Janty Stic, on top of the Prod still coming, a new mod from Nicowolf and my revised mods from Ted, I think I will be officially complete, The GG completes me!!
      with love and some hate
    14. BullGawd
      Yah I did, sorry I havent been on in a bit. Im gonna try to build you a manual passthrough out of that 801 passthrough you sent me, thanks again for the parts ;)
    15. laynies
      Thanks Kendra! *hugs*
    16. youfillintheblank
      Awesome! I think you will like it, dealextreme is sometimes slow, but it's worth the wait, despite the prices I think their batts and chargers are damn good.
    17. cosican
      Miss you!!!!
    18. cosican
      Just checking on you want to make sure that Kate did not run you off,, hope all is well and I am sure u got the boxmod from aaron by now, I hope it was agood by??
      Did you go for the GG ?? and the Prodigy as well/ Dont be a stranger, I still love you
    19. laynies
      If your controversial post only educates a single person then it was well worth your time and effort. Don't let anyone bring you down. :)
    20. pwholmes
      I hate it when you write something long and suddenly you're told there is a character limit (LOL). Anyways the following three posts have been erased and I'm going to pm you.

      For some reason I can't erase them, so just realize the three posts were one post and they're in reverse order.

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    November 30
    Editor and Editor-in-Chief of several political an
    I vape. Lots of things to say, but too little space here.

    Varied-reading, writing, travel, esmoking, biking, working out, family, eliminating dhimmitude!


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