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Kent Brooks
Last Activity:
May 8, 2021
Apr 24, 2013
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Jan 16, 1977 (Age: 45)
Home Page:
Omaha, Nebraska, United States

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Kent Brooks

Resting In Peace, Male, 45, from Omaha, Nebraska, United States

ECF Veteran


Kent Brooks was last seen:
May 8, 2021
    1. Mommay
      RIP, friend
    2. classwife
      1. Kent Brooks likes this.
      2. Kent Brooks
        Kent Brooks
        Thank you Classy!~
        Jan 18, 2016
    3. SIX_EIGHT
      Can we taste you juice...out here in CA. would like to bring on another 5-10 brands that make ya want to lick the atty, and drink the juice :)
      1. Kent Brooks likes this.
      2. Kent Brooks
        Kent Brooks
        Feel free to submit a wholesale request to
        Jun 4, 2015
    4. kkiet
      Are the Rewards still down??? I know I should have more gold coins???? Just checking. Thanks
      1. Kent Brooks likes this.
      2. Kent Brooks
        Kent Brooks
        Rewards are active, although we are probably making some changes soon.
        Jun 4, 2015
    5. Kent Brooks
      Kent Brooks
    6. Kent Brooks
      Kent Brooks
      Makin' that good joose.
    7. danibanani
      Kent, It was so cool reading your story! I see that you were a licensed mental health professional... I just applied for my CDCA certification and I'm waiting for approval. I'm a Senior in the Social Work Program at Ohio State University and I want to go into chemical dependency. I'm working with teenage boys with AoD issues for my internship at the present time and I LOVE it. I've worn many hats in my day like you have too :)

      I love your company and I can't believe it's so new with all of the customer fan base you have. Way to go!

      Anyway, take care and I'll keep ordering those delicious juices.
      1. Kent Brooks likes this.
    8. sandraw
      sure we can be vaping buddys. lol
      1. Kent Brooks likes this.
    9. T3Texas
      Your awesome. Love your work, awesome juice chef! Customer for life!
      1. Kent Brooks likes this.
    10. Dolly Dagger
      Dolly Dagger
      Hey, loving the juices I ordered and thanks again for the extra! Wakonda is wonderful. They are all wonderful. :)
    11. Dolly Dagger
      Dolly Dagger
      Here ya go :)
      Stretched it out a bit to fit the size, I can easily unstretch it if you prefer the original.
    12. Rat2chat2

      Thank you and I gladly accept the friends request.
    13. Timbuck55
      Mr. Brooks, I must say how incredible your Grape Ape is that I already burned through it in 2 days and had to place another order. I've also am excited to try your Queen of Hearts as I ordered that as well. Looking forward to testing every juice as I'm so impressed by the Grape Ape. Spot on!
    14. GaterHater
      i cant count how many vendors I've tried based on reviews and their juice just didn't cut it for me. not the case with yours. im lovin the virus and radioactive. guess you could say im infected now! just placed my second order and i cant wait to try the BG,gravity, CB, and frenilla. im really eager to try this new coffee flavor im hearin bout too. you've scored another loyal customer here with your amazing juice and stellar customer service. keep it up man!!

      tapped this out on my phone, sorry for grammer n such
    15. chainvapor
      Hey there Clark! Lovin the CLS brother! Keep up the good work!
    16. silverkbt
      Hi, Out of curiousity, how did you find me? Did something I post strike a bell for you? LOL I do tend to only do friendship requests for those that I actually know, but that's not to say that I'm not interested. Have a great day.
    17. classwife

      Happy Birthday !
    18. unsure
    19. morri
      Hey Blender.......... he is Clark Kent........ and Superman. now getting it? giggle
    20. Blender481
      So Kent, are you also Clark? I'm confused... lol Fyi, I'm Robert/Luann. lol
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    Jan 16, 1977 (Age: 45)
    Home Page:
    Omaha, Nebraska, United States
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