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Kevin King
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Feb 19, 2015
May 21, 2012
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Apr 21, 1991 (Age: 31)

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Kevin King

Super Member, 31, from PA

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Feb 19, 2015
    1. 04stinugget
      Google Sites: Sign-in

      This is the best site I could find for the NGP. It seems their made to order but I can't find pricing for their version 4. Let alone an older one.
    2. 04stinugget
      From what I can see is their made by a couple older retired guys on another forum and not sold through retailers. I did find the ninja vape and vapor wall both have a thread on them. Basically the hybrid ring lock is 87 euro new. Which is about 113$. But that's the version 3 which is newer than the one yiu have where the wick hole is no longer in the center but has been moved to the side. I'm guessing so you can tilt to help with wicking. It also has the tube body laser etched wth ngp. Unfortunately I don't have anyning to trade really. I've only been in the vaping thing now a few months and I just pick up stuff from the one store that is local to me. The offer stands for now though. Let me know.
    3. 04stinugget
      Saw your add for the ngp just now. I'm interested but I see them online for about 70$ for the device and 38$ for the tank. I would be willing to offer you 90$ plus shipping to ca. I don't need the battery or charger so you can keep those for your next setup. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks
    4. scoopbb
      chobra still available
    5. nordoe
      Yes, we have a Vapors club meeting in the Philadelphia area scheduled for 9/22/2012.
    6. DantesInferno
      Ya its really not that great LOL. It reminds me of the taste of a real cigarette. Works with beer though. I initially bought 30mls and still have 20 mls left. But thanks for the offer.
    7. Kevin King
      Kevin King
      hey sorry buddy, forgot to message you back. i did get my ave juice, i could have swore i ordered bobas bounty, but wen i got my package i only got hype and gorilla juice. but they are both phenominal. i only have about 1 ml left of gorilla, ill be ordering a 30ml glass bottle for sure. and considering i forgot to get bobas the last time, i think ill get a 30ml bottle of that too. even tho i hvnt even tried it yet.

      i also got a few juices from The Vapor Room. and since i was a first time customer i got a 15ml (maybe 20 cuz it looks big) bottle of CINNAMON DANISH SWIRL!! it is SOOOOO GOOD. 18mg nic with 25pg/75vg and it is soo smooth and awesome. also a 3ml bottle of snickerdoodle for free. not too bad, just not my typical vape tho
    8. Vego
      Hey, did you get your AVE juice? You like it?
    9. Vego
      Yeah, dude, I know. Rawr is vaping bliss! How the hell does he pack all that flavor in his juices? He's the king of refreshing vapes. I'm in banana cream pie heaven right now as I type. I just discovered that, for me at least, Truth Serum is even better without any menthol. In fact, I think I'm through with getting menthol with Rawr juices. It adds a slight minty taste that I think distracts from the flavor. You doin' the menthol thing? Oh, btw, I hope you love the AVE juice too. Did you get Bobas?
    10. Vego
      Hey, that sounds awesome! I've had this shop in the back of my mind for a while now, and it's really great to hear some first hand feedback about their juice. Thank you so much for sharing that. I sue am jealous of you having a vendor 5 miles down the road... but I guess the burgh isn't really that far away, right? Actually I should consider myself lucky to have a vaping outlet that close, considering how few there are. Gonna have to give her a visit soon enough.

      I came home last night to find my order from Rawr: banana cream pie, peach serum, truth serum, and dawn of truth - supposed to be a banana-coconut mix, but that's the only one I havn't tried yet. I gotta tell you, all the others are awesome, but this peach serum is the bomb!!! Wow. I'm in vaping heaven!

      Thanks for the hint about Highbrow... been hearing good things about them for awhile now.
    11. Vego
      Hey kevin. I'm glad you caught the post about that manor vendor. I haven't shopped there yet, but if you ever do, let me know about your experience. I'd surely like to know. I'll do likewise if I ever shop there :)
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    Apr 21, 1991 (Age: 31)
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