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Dec 19, 2010
May 21, 2009
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Super Member, from DFW, TX

ECF Veteran
Kewtsquirrel was last seen:
Dec 19, 2010
    1. stroh22
      Nerf, do you still have wired 401s available? If so, I'd like to buy a bag. What about the unwired 401s? If so I'd like to buy 10 of them. Please let me know, thank you.

    2. SmokinScott
      Hi Andy.

      Do you still have some of those 801 battery connectors? If so, I'll take two bags. Also, I think if the payment type is "payment owed" I can pay the fee. Saving you a couple of bucks.

    3. nycityjeff
      I was told that you might possibly be able to make adapters? I am trying to find an adapter that will allow me to connect a DSE910 atomizer to an m401 battery
    4. smokie
      Hi Nerf, Do you have, or can make a adapter for a 901 battery to a 4081/103 atomizer

      Thank, Smokie
    5. Menville
      Hey Nerf how close are you to Arlington, considering joining you in the purchase on the last post re: 510 atty's bulk, from to count my coins out as I'm on SSDI and don't get paid for 3 weeks
    6. catholic83
      hey nerf got the adapter in works great thanks....
    7. Sasseaux
    8. tparganos
      What exactly does the passthru consist of and do you havea 510? Any pictures of this or your vaporizer?
    9. tparganos
      Do you have any 510 connectors yet?
    10. CloudBurst
      Hey Nerf
      You got any 510 connectors?
    11. pipe6078
      hi andy this is sheila. my pay pal account is messed up. i have your address and haven't forgotten the $20.00 for the pass through and will send it july 1st by snail mail. please forgive me i did it wrong. please comment back sheila
    12. Vapster
      sorry to bug u, but i think you are the best one to help me with a simple question.

      I built a simple usb passthrough w/o an led. I want to use an led rated at 3.2v to 3.8v. can you recommend a resistor. I will be able to wire it up correctly.

    13. Jules22871
      Awesome passthru! Working better than any i've tried. Thanks so much!
    14. mpetva
      HI :)
      I am interested in finding out how much you charge for a USB PT w/battery :), shipping (Virginia) and what do they look like? What batteries do you use?

    15. brialeeanna20
      may i ask what stae your shippiing from
    16. pipe6078
      nerf, i have been vaping on my passthrough for a couple of hours. it is so amazing. i had to drop my nic strength from 36. still fiddling between 18 an 24. so cool ,just doubled my e juice. just an update thanks pipe6078 sheila
    17. pipe6078
      nerf got my box and passthrough. oh wow what a differance. thanks for including the pass through get the $20 thur pay pal real soon. i'm just waiting for some things to clear china. don't want to mess those up. thank you thankyou. pipe6078 sheila
    18. pipe6078
      nerf will my box mod have power. i thought it was supposed to be above 3.7. i have a dse 601 pipe already. plus is this a aaa or aa . hey no complaints i realize live and learn but that sixty just went to 9o for batts and charger
    19. mommawants2quit
      Thank you... that would be really nice... how much do you need to make it... is it more trouble for you than for me to buy one...
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