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Jun 5, 2014
Aug 10, 2009
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July 30
Key West,Fl.
Self employed

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ECF Guru, from Key West,Fl.

ECF Veteran
keyzygirl was last seen:
Jun 5, 2014
    1. vaporAdam
      so where you hang out around here? pif?
    2. jamvector
      Thanks Keyz, great to see you too! I check in once in a while, but don't have the patience to deal with all the drama, and def not going to take anymore crap from anyone. I hope you are doing well, thanks for thinking of me, that was very kind of you.
    3. vaporAdam
      You still around ? Im back around, and back to vaping! Ill be around in chat, hope to see you !
    4. prometheus
      Thanks for the like! I was hoping people would take it the right way. I am just sick of people making crap up to promote there favorite company. There are many threads for that! When it comes to a new user asking questions we are supposed to help not confuse them you know! Btw I love you avatar. Always makes me wish I was there lol. Anyway again thanks
    5. terrie1
      Hey Keysy Im back, weaning off analogs, vaping again. Just ordered 2 manual xls(my old batteries not so hot anymore!!! My bofriend passed away, I moved, and I picked up to about 7 cigs a day:(
      Whats new with you? and can you tell me if you think it's safe to vape off my usb in my car stereo? Ive tried it w/ my auto PT and it works great, but my stereo is one of my prize possessions, and I dont want to damage it. What do you think? And its GREAT to be back!
    6. Bogey
      Hi Keyz. Havent really been around lately, but wanted to stop in and say Hi. I hope your doing well. Hope your recovery is going well.
    7. Tuck
    8. KrisBKream
      Happy birthday!
    9. classwife
      ...just checking up on you !! (hug)
    10. Little Girl
      Little Girl
      Hey there, long time no see! :cry: I hope you're doing well, too!:toast: I miss you, too! As a matter of fact, I think I'll pop into the chat room to see if you're there. :laugh:
    11. leannebug
      Get well soon!! We miss you ♥

    12. Tuck
    13. Tuck
    14. KeysBum
      Glad you're back and well.
    15. tofucute
      thx 4 the like!
    16. Seabrook
      Hi Keyzygirl, hugz and luvz to ya dearheart.

    17. Trish342
      Hugs to you too....(((((((((HUG))))))))
      You know im here if you need anything right?
    18. Glam
      Hello Honey: I feel bad that you feel bad. Trying to send good Karma to you. Hope July 6 gets here before you know it. You have lots of friends here rooting for you. And one especially who loves ya bunches.

    19. Glam
      Keyzie: I have not been on the thread, but someone sent me what you posted. You have no idea how much I love you right now. I love balls--especially on women. (Is that a sexual post?)
      And I could not stand up for myself because they would not believe me. But I do have all the pms, and I quoted them word for word except for the wordy part of the rants that I did not have room for.

      I love you very much--forever grateful, Teresa
    20. Pokeygizmo
      Keyzy, my friend! How are you??? Really good to see always. I am around and about, here and there. Never too far -- :). What's rockin' your boat these days? Fill me in! Are you going to Vapestock? That looks like it would be beyond cool...
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    July 30
    Key West,Fl.
    Self employed
    Blogging about Vaping


    Its nice to be important,but its more important to be nice.
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