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Apr 14, 2015
Mar 20, 2012
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Vaping Master, from prattville

ECF Veteran
klynnn was last seen:
Apr 14, 2015
    1. Abstrusius
      Thank you, klynnn!
    2. 100%VG

      Yes, I guess the economy is pretty bad all over, but Alexandria seems to be doing OK. Sorry things aren't better for you.

      After my parents divorced, my Dad went back to NY - Syracuse. He kept asking me to move up there, but honestly, where I am is about as far north as I care to be. I've said that I have two conditions in life... I don't like to shiver, and I can't stand pain.

      I'm the guy with the Tank design. Not sure what you wouldn't tell... that you liked it, or the admiration part LOL.

      I'm pretty new to E-Cigs, but I dove in the deep side of the pool without hesitation. I've spent an incredible amount of time, researching every aspect as I learned of new things. ECF has been a wonderful resource, and I love the sharing experience.

      Anyway, I'll let you go for now, but let me know if you'd like to keep the conversation going. These messages have to be fairly short, at 1000 characters.

      Craig aka 100%VG
    3. 100%VG
      Prattville, huh? A quick Google of Prattville says you're in Alabama. I was born in Montgomery. I loved it there. I have been back for visits over the years and I still feel just as good when I'm there as I did when I was a kid. The Lady that now owns the house I was born in has kept it up beautifully. I've thought about moving to Montgomery, but I'd have to start all over getting established. My Computer Repair business is doing pretty good in Alexandria, Louisiana, so that kinda keeps me here. There are very few places that I've been where I felt wonderful about life, but Montgomery is very high on that list.

      How do you like it where you are? I sent this message this way because it's not related to the VN Post.
    4. Syav
      Happy New Year!

    5. dragonbone
    6. kiwivap
      Merry Christmas klynn!

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