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Oct 26, 2021 at 8:56 PM
Aug 16, 2009
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September 22
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CASAA - Wisconsin
CASAA Member Coordinator

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Vaping Master, Female, from CASAA - Wisconsin

ECF Veteran

CASAA Member Coordinator Oct 18, 2018

kristin was last seen:
Oct 26, 2021 at 8:56 PM
    1. Jumpin' In...
      Jumpin' In...
    2. r77r7r
      Lol, surprised me when I saw you recently on the cord Cutters fb page. Great group! I just use Hulu and pirate apps. Pm me if you want directions to pirate apps. Enjoy the freedom of cord cutting!
      1. kristin likes this.
    3. kristin
      CASAA Member Coordinator
    4. classwife
    5. ~Sue~Feb2012
      It's so wonderful what you do for all "us" vapers:)
      1. Hoggy likes this.
    6. classwife
    7. classwife
    8. MonkInsane
      Thanx for all the info, and for all the hard work done by you and the other CASAA members.
      1. Hoggy likes this.
    9. wv2win
      And thank you for all you and the rest of the board do on our behalf.
      1. Hoggy likes this.
    10. wv2win
      Kristin, thank you for the "like". It looks like this thread helped gain some awareness of the issues and got at least a few people to join CASAA. It always baffles me why everyone who is part of ECF does not join CASAA.
    11. oxygen thief
      oxygen thief
      I've written my letters, spammed the forum to please write, donated $50, and changed my avatar to a CASAA avatar.
      I'm also keeping an eye out for negative legislation in Texas concerning ecigs. Does that mean I'm regional rep? The only thing left is to ride my bike around the Capitol only wearing a thong. Wait that's another issue. A frightening one at that. But it is Austin!
      I must add that you are lovely and I downloaded your picture. Don't get too excited though, I have Busardo's too. Guess which one gets the most attention. Sorry for your second place finish, love. Busardo's really hot, you know?
      If there is more I can do, let me know.

      Thanks Kristin.
      Phil Jordan
      Austin, TX
    12. dragonbone
    13. classwife
    14. JGD
      I'm an artist myself, and as soon as I can I plan on buying one of your larger boxes to fit my Riva gear. Beautiful and very inventive work!
    15. Bill54
      Hey Kristin. Long time no see. Case is still working great! Hope you're doing good. Go Bears. :)
    16. Randyrtx
    17. Madcaprym
    18. In Flames
      In Flames
      Hello. I want to help with this CASAA stuff and all the dumb Bans going on but don't know how. I have read some of the threads and have a general idea. It states that we need reps. and that the Reps are the eyes and ears on the ground. Well most of the info i get about the bans are from this site. So how (if at all) can i help? Rather it means me being a Rep. or not. Just trying to do my part. Thanks for any advice you might have. Have a good day.
    19. ahardrain
      I am a New Yorker, but a DIE HARD CHEESEHEAD :) Go Packers!!!!
    20. ThomasP
      Just for the sake of posterity I thought your posts in the really long thread in the health forum were excellent and I am sad to see you withdrawal from the discussion. Keep up the good fight.
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    September 22
    Home Page:
    CASAA - Wisconsin
    CASAA Member Coordinator
    Facebook user ID:
    Married w/ 4 kids, former real estate consultant and currently CASAA's Member Coordinator Officer.

    My husband and children, CASAA, making ecig cases, converting smokers to ecigs, pro-ecig articles.


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