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Oct 28, 2019
Sep 16, 2009
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Chemistry professor

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Quantum Vapyre, from Philadelphia

ECF Veteran
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Oct 28, 2019
    1. Road_House
    2. BLAX
      Hi Kurt
      I read on another thread that you have some experience with TPA Asian RY4- describing it as having a caramel maple note. I'm working on a new recipe and have tried pretty much every maple out there and none really have a true maple taste. Was wondering if tpa asian ry4 might fit the bill at low percentages. Any advice would be appreciated.
      1. Kurt
        Oct 6, 2015
      2. BLAX
        Thank you for the info and suggestion, I just recently purchased tpa maple (not the syrup) and while it's suspended in ethyl alcohol, I am allowing the alcohol to steep off, as I believe the taste profile is a true maple. I am also steeping a 10 ml test of the maple flavor extract by it self. This I'm hoping will net the flavor of maple without the alcohol.
        Oct 7, 2015
    3. muranternet
      Thanks for the reply. I wasn't sure what you had for chromatography. My primary concern is keeping this kid from killing himself and/or bystanders. Hopefully he disposes of it in a sane manner.
    4. muranternet
      Hi Kurt. In this thread it looks like a newb got some 1010mg base. He seems aware of the danger but might still want to try using it. Are you interested in getting the sample and testing its concentration (getting it away from him at the same time)? If it's actually 1.01g/ml I'm a bit worried for him and anyone else who might order it.

      Thanks for all your contributions. The box elder thread is what got me to sign up on ECF in the first place.
    5. Huntsmanlance
      Kurt I watched the Vape Team episode you were on about the DIY safety. Afterwards I have been wading through the post here on ECF and Oh My God what a cluster that is with all of the arguments.

      What I can not find is a simple...this vendor is selling the correct PG, VG, Nic and flavors answer.

      So who would you recommend for DIY supplies.

      Thank You!
    6. ElectricalSocket
      hahaha. For some reason I could see this being a movie plot.


      In a world where nicotine has been banned, yet cigarettes remain legal, one man will risk everything....
      to risk everything.

      Paramount Pictures proudly presents....Kurt

      "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not gunna take it anymore!"

      Coming this fall.

      lol ok I'm not a script writer. Some thoughts: Do you see a benefit to using a crude anaerobic chamber ("glove box") and $15 bottle of Argon to prevent ANY oxygen (or moisture) from being absorbed during transfer? After a certain amount of oxidation (the oxygen present from manufacturing and bottling), nothing else should/could happen to the nic indefinitely, correct? Meaning it absolutely should be good in 10-30 years?


    7. ElectricalSocket
      Yessir! Well, I was looking at the cobalt blue, but I looked it up and see that isn't the best.

      Does this sound logical? Twelve 30ml bottles for tapping into monthly for a year, and ten 100ml bottles to store two 500ml bottles?

      I'm also looking at the glass vials w/ droppers. They look cool for replacing plastic dropper bottles. What do you use for daily refilling and on-the-go storage?
    8. ElectricalSocket
      Yay! Thanks for your input. I was so exited I got my order so quick, but then was a little worried because I planned on immediately transferring to glass. It was shipped on the 26th and I'm on right now.

      I was a smoker yet I'm paranoid about certain dusts and chemicals, how does THAT work? haha. Thanks again!

    9. ElectricalSocket

      I hate to bother you, but I would love to hear your opinion. I bought 100mg/ml nic from the Wizard and it got to me a lot faster than I thought it would. Do you think 1 month in their plastic bottles is ok as far as plasticizers leaching? I emailed them to ask about it, but haven't heard back. I know the material makes a difference, but your educated guess will be better than mine. Thank you for your help!

    10. Olinb
      Oh good grief. Not 2 minutes after my post below I located a post you had on the exact same food saver I talked about. Sheesh. I thought I had searched on it before but maybe I typo'd it or something. Anyway the main thing I wanted to know was the safest transfer method.
    11. Olinb
      Hi Kurt:
      A couple more questions if you don't mind. What is the safest way to transfer nic from the wizard labs delivery into the 30 ml euro-dropper bottles you refer to in some of your posts? Also, I have one of those food saver vacumn sealers we store foodstuffs for freezing. I had thought about placing a couple bottles into one of the sealer bags and sealing it but then I got to thinking that the sealing process may actually pull some of the liquid from the bottles sealed inside the bag. Would you have any idea on how that would work? Thanks a lot Kurt.
    12. Olinb
      Thanks Kurt. What I am doing for now is ordering the Atomic Cinnacide doubler from Tasty Vapor and planning to use it as my base. It usually comes in 90/10 because I was also ordering the AC 48mg and mixing them. I realize that adding my own Nic will change the flavor slightly but some others have tried it with success. I use a polypro tank with the boge 510 pre-punched cartos right now but am considering checking into SS mesh RBA style tanks. Not much of a dripper. Later I may try some flavor recipes of my own but I figured why bother since I really like those doublers. Thanks much for the advice.
    13. Olinb
      Kurt, I've been reading a lot of your posts here at ECF and I've decided that you're probably more knowledgeable than most others here as to the chemistry. Hence I would really like to get your advice on something. I've been vaping for a while and have decided to make my attempt at (pseudo) DIY. I have been vaping mostly cinnamon based flavors at 70/30 or 80/20 ratios. So, I am ordering a zero-nic juice from a vendor at 90/10 pg/vg and plan to use my 30ml bottles of WL 100mg (all VG per your posted recommendation) to produce a maximum 25mg juice. So, to get 25mg I will be mixing 75% of my vendor's zero-nic juice with 25% of my WL nic. So I am thinking this will give me roughly a 70/30 pg/vg mix, right? And, do you see anything I should do differently in this scenario?

      Thanks for all your help here on ECF.....
    14. clphoton
      Thanks Kurt for all the info you provided on storage/handling. Two days spent reading all you've written and I feel like I can handle safely with a plan. Did a flip though when I first saw the hazmat reaction to a 200ml spill. I backed off and rethought the whole thing through. If/when I order some nic will have a plan and good supplies to manage the transfer and storage.
    15. StereoDreamer
      Yes, the essence I did get from it was pretty bad-tasting as a vape at first, and hasn't gotten much better after a week of steeping. The tobacco flavors are there, but there is a definite burnt flavor, some strange off-flavors, and almost no Jasmine flavor. This essence SMELLS fantastic, but it just doesn't taste very good as a vape.

      I'm abandoning this idea altogether, and going to try and create a juice that tastes like Jasmine Shisha using more traditional DIY flavorings.

      Thanks for your input.
    16. StereoDreamer
      So if anyone is interested in trying this method with shisha, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Don't put the shisha in the hot VG while it is still on the burner, or turn off the gas before you put it in. And be sure to have a lid handy in case it decides to go all flambe' on you... ;-)
    17. StereoDreamer
      OK, update on the experiment of using hookah Shisha instead of pipe tobacco for making essence, per your directions. First, you apparently CAN'T let the VG get too hot. When you do, on a gas stove, the instant you put shisha into the hot liquid, it will ignite like bananas flambe' and the smoke will fill the entire room...

      Luckily, I had a lid and was able to put out the flames instantly. The shisha didn't actually catch on fire--it must have been the vapors from the sugars that lit off, or else there might be alcohol in the shisha (the flames were pretty blue...)
    18. StereoDreamer
      I just read you "Pipe Tobacco Essence" post, and was thinking about trying it with hookah shisha, because I have a few flavors of shisha that I LOVE and would really like to be able to vape them.

      But I'm wondering about all the sugar (molasses) in hookah shisha. Is that going to go into solution with the VG along with the tobacco flavors? Is it going to clog up my atties? Or is the amount of sugar in the essence going to be inconsequential because the essence is just a "flavoring" and not a main component in my DIY liquids?

      Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
    19. twentyone
      Hey.. What is the low level pg that you were talking about that goes down to the gut that might cause my diarrhea?
    20. Rimau
      Thanks, I think I am going to pick one up. When I am off, I would like to have a tank with this capacity so I don't have to change all the time to a full cart.
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    Chemistry professor
    Smoker of 12+ years. Loved it, hated it. Tried the usual quitting methods. Nothing worked.

    Vintage stereo restoration (tubes!), cooking, photonics, mandolin


    Deciding not to smoke is one thing. Forgetting to smoke is a different animal altogether.
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