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Oct 28, 2019
Sep 16, 2009
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Chemistry professor

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Quantum Vapyre, from Philadelphia

ECF Veteran
Kurt was last seen:
Oct 28, 2019
    1. Rimau
      Hey Kurt,

      How is the cartzilla tank holding up? It looks interesting but I am always sceptical of plastic tanks. I remember the ce-2 clearo that worked well until it started leaking. The Stardust has much heavier plastic and seems to be holding up well, but the taste is a bit off.
    2. Seabrook
    3. Seabrook
    4. Running Wolf
      Running Wolf
      Was wondering what the BE brew-haha was about and saw your post on it. ...? Thanks for being a trooper and actually testing the stuff.

      Great to see a community that watches out for each other.
    5. Seabrook
      Thanks for caring, Kurt and helping out the entire vaping community worldwide!

    6. studio52
      Thanks for the good information tonight, and last night Kurt..I spoke with you this evening while on Vapers place, My 500 ML bottle of Nic from Box Elder is lot 256, 48mg. Let me know what I need to do to send you a sample to test, I have no issue using this batch but would like to know the numbers so I dont over do it on the nic juice...Hit me up and let me email is if you prefer to use email, and Id be happy to send you a phone number as well if you like. Thanks Kurt
    7. sheilava747
      Hi Kurt,
      This is "Still Desperatley Needing Help....Please? and I'm sorry, I think I sent my message 3 or more times thiniking it wasn't working cause I kept checking my "Sentj" folder and it remained "Empty" until I finally noticed under the Message the "Options" one of which says something like "show in messages sent". I'm so sorry! I hope they don't inconvenience you too much! Obviously, I'm still learning my way around this website....
      Again sorry for the inconvenience!
      Sheila B
    8. charlottewebsupport
      Kurt ,

      Thank you so much for the article on My Freedom Smokes. I would love for you to review some more of my products . Give me a list of what flavors you want to try and I will send it over.
    9. scootertramp
      thanks for your help. wow so much material to research now!
    10. NebulaBrot
      Just wanted to stop by and say thanks again. You have been wonderfully helpful and generous with your knowledge and patience, not only with me but with all of the detailed and educational posts you make in ATE (now ATV). I am already benefiting from your advice and looking forward to receiving my new device (which I would not have considered without the benefit of your knowledge and guidance). Just wanted to post here to express my appreciation.

    11. TJPatt72
      Yeah big congrads on the PhD & hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow at Graduation!
    12. Vap Khymyst
      Vap Khymyst
      Kurt, Like your posts and common horse sense cautions.
      I am a Ramblin' Reck Chemist and just thought maybe you were. This is my first PM. Very interested in DIY mixes. I will peruse you posts over the next few days but any recommendations will be welcome:
      Who else to check out on this forum
      Suppliers pro and con
      I already have an order in for Tasty Vapor and some USP VG & PG on hand
      Any files you might be able to send me

      Thank You in advance, Jim
    13. CJsKee
      Kurt, congrats on the PhD...good job!!
    14. MercyPoetic
      (I had to break it into two messages, I apparently type too much) What do you do in your spare time? Any goofy hobbies? For example, I'm a bit of a comic book dork. I love Batman. To me, he's a bit of a personification of hope and the capability to overcome extreme sorrow to better themselves and the world around them. Who's your favourite superhero? What do you vape?
    15. MercyPoetic
      You are coming to the meet up, right? We so need to have a conversation :D That's definitely me in the pics, I have a couple automatic m402s, the one I'm holding in the picture is a manual m401. Probably one of the best little batteries I've ever had, I only recharge it every two days or so. MercyPoetic stemmed from a couple things. Mercy was a nickname given to me by my best friend when he was going through a really - He said I was an angel of mercy and I helped restore his faith in mankind, plus some other friends found a comic book reference. It just sort of stuck. The Poetic part is because I write poetry, and have a book floating about the interwebs. In the grown up world, I work in an optical office selling glasses and sometimes working as a technician for one of the Drs.
    16. MercyPoetic
      That really is pretty wicked. To be completely honest, I love science in general, I adore chemistry and what not, but I definitely failed it in high school. Math is my weak point, so with chem involving so much math, I lost interest in the class. I'll watch shows on it now, QM, general chemistry... I watched a video on "Super Fluids" and it absolutely blew my mind. Sorry, I'm a dork :p
    17. MercyPoetic
      That is so cool!! (I'm a little nerdy myself) I used to study Taoism - Being like water is sort of a mantra for me still. But seriously, that's pretty awesome
    18. MercyPoetic
      It looks almost like a flower, a Bird of Paradise maybe. Or a bird itself...
    19. Kurt
      Hi MercyPoetic,
      I'll tell you, but I'd like to hear what you think it is first. :) It seems to have a Rorschach quality to it. The real answer is pretty nerdy, but I find it to be beautiful.
    20. MercyPoetic
      Hi there! I'm very curious - What's your avatar a picture of?
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    Chemistry professor
    Smoker of 12+ years. Loved it, hated it. Tried the usual quitting methods. Nothing worked.

    Vintage stereo restoration (tubes!), cooking, photonics, mandolin


    Deciding not to smoke is one thing. Forgetting to smoke is a different animal altogether.
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