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Apr 18, 2013
May 7, 2009
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northern calif.
EVS at the local hospital

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Super Member, from northern calif.

ECF Veteran
ladybug was last seen:
Apr 18, 2013
    1. boxhead
      Yeah I'm way behind too. I am moving to Chico in about 2-3 weeks. And then getting used to a new place, poeple( neighbors) and maybe getting to feel like I more "free" time cuz not having to drive to Chico and staying in a motel....
      I got a tank SD, and with mega tank atty, I got 3 months of perfect vape on on this one, yeah last one lasted a few days, but tank is way drip and driving any more. It dose cause problems when using tank while using RC transmitter and flying quadcopter though....SD on lanyard bumped throttle, quad took off full throttle, about 500 ft in 2 seconds....yes, I had to change my pants.

      Well, it's good to see ur still around, vaping? And using forum.
    2. OMG!
      Thanks for the support! Never let the screeching monkeys keep you from giving your opinion. :)
    3. boxhead
      Hey, HI!
      You still using, yeah! I got a SD into rc helicopters...well quadcopters hehe so spend more time on that than this forum....
      I don't make as many trips now, summer is slow for retail... I am moving to Chico in oct. I saw some hot tubs at that second hand store on antelope , if he's got them next month I try and get one, see, still just rambling...
    4. boxhead
      well kinda far, but i am going, and i told someothers here, later will go to spikey`s forum and see if we could get a bigger meet than suncoast vapors, just cuz they looked like they had a good time... he he he
      ah, look to PM`s for phone and email...
      ADZ_420 and Kamanjah got ask by me, well see...
    5. boxhead
    6. boxhead
      Ah you know, The old I am in charge thing,the owner is real easy to work for and it was taken advatage of, or so former manager thought He he

      but I now have to wear long sleaves when doing the hours at the store...and shoes hehe and stealing is wrong. Besides me having to waer shoes and sleaves, when I do a home show or fair he don't care about how I dress, just if I make some money, and he knows what the take will be before show starts it's amazing how he just knows... He'll say "sorry it will be slow till this day then get better" he will say a amount and he has been within 100$ of what he said for the day or the whole show.

      I was weeding front yard Sunday and saw abunch of ladybugs... Then later, the whole neighborhood wild cat poplation came and pottyied where I was weeding. My little 2 yr old cat just sat in the door a watched the wilds cats come and do their thing, she is really a small cat... There did I put you to sleep yet... Yawn I kinda put my self to sleep hehe
    7. SR219
      Help me. Can you tell me why your last message showed up here but not in my profile? Did I do it wrong to begin with? I have no clue how this message system inside the profiles work. Should i have received a notice like I did on your first message to me? HELP HELP HELP or it will be PM city.
    8. ladybug
      well,SR219 that is funny,because I also have a hard time figuring out a code name,I sit nd stare into space and think,who will I be? The prob I have is all the names you think of are taken! So you did great with yours,where is your pic? I will shw u more of me if u show me u! Fair?
    9. SR219
      Hiya LB, well yes they do represent something, it is the first initial of my first & last name, plus my area code. I can never think of any good names, so I opted for boring!! Bet you're sorry you asked now! I started vaping a little over a year ago, and got off the smokes entirely last labor day.

      Over the last year I've spent a small fortune trying different ecigs and mods. I've used a lot of normal ecigs, tried the Stick, Screwdriver, and a few others. I've finally settled on using cartos, both the premium 808 as well as the 510 cartos, and I use those either with XL auto bats, OR on the GGTS and I love the GGTS (just a little more than you) <snicker> Me flirt? Would I do that? Yeah I just might......but that avatar of yours is what causes it!!!!! So I can plead innocent, it's all your fault. Besides, doesn't it take a flirt to see one? hmmm? I hope I did this correctly, never used these profiles to send messages. Ok, I'm least with the thoughts I can type here anyway.
    10. boxhead
      hey Ladybug did you get some restful sleep yet? the person running the chico store was stealing, and now i got work 20hrs, on top of driving 500miles a week delivering this crap i mend stuff, kinda mad at the thief...well, i am mad at got my phone# in pm?
    11. boxhead
      i thought we friended aways back, my bad, ladybug good, boxhead bad....hehe of all the times i missed going thru redbluff, the gps had antlope closed so i went thru gyle rd...never had a clue.
    12. ladybug
      Hey everybody, we are having a hemp festival this weekend in red bluff, Ca! It is supposed to be the next woodstock. I might check it out,it goes on for 3 days,and they have primitave camping(tents?) for 10 bucks a nite! They will sell med weed to peeps with scripts!
    13. boxhead
      i go there on tuesdays and fridays, i`m in an out delivering stuff, and i really dont go in in the front cuz...well i do the fair and home show thing and it gets me a break from "the people" hehehe i try to leave their by 3.00pm to hit the chico store and get back to sac before 7pm. i have been stopping at that java drive thru at 11am on the way thru latly has been closed :(

      yeah, 801 is a little hotter but not as hot as 510s get, i run them more wet than 901, and not as wet as 510, cuz it hard to get wet and not floodedi guess i`m still figuring out 510 e-liquid protocals
      hrm...threads stick up past the aulm. ring...801 coil is huge...the cheep two i got one is dead, the other works but connector is loose in atty body and on the SD in a active position i`ll break it, the TW 5 pak i got 6 months back i am still on the first one :)
    14. ladybug
      hey boxhead,just read your messages,that as seen on T.V store is one I have been wanting to go and check out! I have 2 new screwdrivers that have the threads sticking out of the top and my old screwdrivers have receded threads and fit with the smaller mini 901 atomizers, my new screwdrivers take big atomizers and bigger carts, I like all my screwdrivers but the bigger atomizers seem to vape a little hotter to me.
    15. boxhead
      Yes, SD in 901 and 801 will have receded male threads, 510 SD will have female threads.
      I hope I'm not confusing u:) mk1 now have mk2 type buttons, :)
    16. boxhead
      so ladybug, you got ur SD back in july? and was wondering how you still like it? i got mine in may, repaired in july, got second one, and am waiting for some new spyderfire batt to arrive from china coz i way over use mine:), and the batts i have now only last about 5 hours, i think the batterys are getting on the down hill side of normal life expectcy<SP> oh how did the first storm fare for you? i`m in sac. and we did ok, neighbor lost a 60y old tree in front yard but no damage to any house.
    17. ladybug
      Hi ladybug0570, how long have you been without real cigs? Its been 8 days for me,and hard. But I have done it,and am doing it! I love smoking,and this seems to help a lot, at least for me. Have a great weekend!
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    northern calif.
    EVS at the local hospital
    Well,I lve life and have fun as much as possible,I am a short cute blond who likes to flirt!

    outdoor activities,gardening and walking,also enjoy reading,doing things with my family.
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