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Aug 21, 2013
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USA & Canada
IT Consultant

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    USA & Canada
    IT Consultant
    I work(ed) all over the world as a consultant in IT, and for hobbies like to play the drums, tennis, blading, biking, skiing, go out for dinner &/or drinks &/or (salsa) dancing, and learning to play piano. If you're in the Tampa, FL area, or Toronto, ON I could teach you drums, or tennis, or programming, or website development, in exchange for piano lessons or salsa dancing lessons :cool:

    My "smoking history" started with sneaking a VERY RARELY OCCASIONAL cigarette when I was 8 to 15 years old. From 16 to 19 years old smoking became more "occasional", gradual, and then daily. In High School it didn't take long to progress to a 1/4 pack a day habit, and then more in College. During my career and in my 30s I graduated to averaging around 3/4 packs per day.

    I wanted to cut down not only because the Social Faux Pas associated with smoking is extreme. I am far from a jock - in fact I'm a bit of a party animal - but I do dabble in various sports and over the course of smoking for 25 odd years found that my performance was deteriorating at a high rate (duhhh!!). Playing basketball which I love, biking (i.e. in MOUNTAINS), swimming, water polo, etc, completely gutted me out when I used to excel at sports with similar energy requirements, and I started often losing at tennis which I also love.

    I was introduced to eCigs IMO MUCH TOO LATE in July 2013. We were waiting for a tennis court and the guy I was playing grabbed something out of his bag, saw him take a drag from a weird looking pipe/cigarette/thingy, and exhale a huge cloud of smoke! I was like holyyyyyyy !@#$% .... I was seriously blown away (no pun intended) and IMMEDIATELY knew that this was the answer/solution/whatever. Soon thereafter he started emailing me vendors, telling me about hardware, suggesting eLiquids, etc, and I finally got fully equipped for vaping in August 2013.

    In HINDSIGHT I was working in Victoria (serious party town :) in 2011 and having a smoke outside with a co-worker who was telling me about vaping. I was a bit drunk at the time and freaked out a bit about what he was saying. In my drunken stupor I was visualizing some kind of debauchery type behavior involving huge metal tanks the size of fire extinguishers with industrial hoses jutting out used for vaping so I shrugged it off. However, I SHOULD have looked more into vaping right there & then.

    One of my goals with eCigs was to cut down on cigarettes which I feel I achieved although I still smoke 3 to 5 cigarettes per day. The best thing about eCigs is I never feel the need to take a pack of cigarettes with me when I go out (to social or sports events). I can run much faster & harder & longer, and now beat folks in tennis who previously used to slam me. My breathing is better, I don't cough as much, and my place no longer smells & seems much cleaner (no more ash flying around).

    So here we are... I now have an unexpected and new hobby - eCigs, trying different eLiquids, and vaping! The learning curve and experimentation is also kinda cool - you try things out, different combinations, etc, and hit more "eureka" moments :cool:

    NOW FOR THE DOWN SIDE (and the venting part of my post). Not to be too cliche but I'm royally ticked off and think it's a massive shame that millions of us missed out on a much more healthy PAST including MANY YEARS of BETTER LIVING. eCigs are/were simply always just there for the taking and getting the word out used to be like molasses, but now maybe it's like Heinz ketchup.

    After I started vaping, since 2013, I've approached smokers and around 90% of the folks I try to explain the benefits to, telling them that it really helps in ANY & ALL ASPECTS, etc, were completely either 100% oblivious, or said it's a gimmick, waste of time, etc. The most pitiful excuse I ever got was "I don't have a computer". The AWARENESS is remarkably minute!! Further to my tennis story above I had never previously even seen an eCig but I knew IMMEDIATELY that "damn this is it". It seriously amazes and perplexes me that smokers who I try to reason with simply cannot see, nor perceive, what I did - my EUREKA MOMENT - which hit me like a ton of bricks. NOW in 2019 there’s much more awareness & popularity among eCigarettes & Vaping.

    There are so many companies, vendors, accessories, articles, internet sites, forums, etc, etc, which I discovered ONLY AFTER I saw someone doing it, and then started researching it. In 2013 the ONLY PERSON I ever saw vaping is the tennis buddy mentioned above who introduced my new hobby. I consider myself a person that keeps up with current events and the news, I'm out every day, watch lotsa TV, an internet junkie, so... WHY DID IT TAKE FIVE (or more) YEARS FOR ME TO LEARN ABOUT eCigs and vaping?? A HUGE Public Service would be to PLASTER eCigs INTO EVERY SMOKER'S FACE!! Why isn't that the case???

    Ya ya ya, we can talk legalities wrt advertising, governments, and what not, but still... this pisses me off. And the fact that it's sometimes questionable getting nicQuid over borders also sucks.

    LIVES would literally be SAVED if introduced to eCigs - mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, etc, etc. VAPE THAT stupid governments!!

    I wish there might be a more aggressive way to lobby governments. I hope this isn't politically incorrect, but the research that SHOULD be devoted to eCigs & vaping should follow along the same lines as AIDS or Cancer or Parkinson's disease. In other words >>> eCigs & Vaping SAVES LIVES.

    Vape On & Cheers!!


    KISS ~ Keep It Simple Stupid ~ HALO's where it's at!
    Smok Nord: (2018) Pod / (2019) Vape Pen 19 / (2021) Vaporesso Renova Zero
    Old Skewl KR-808-D1 Cigalikes Fan Boi / Halo G6 / V2 Cigs.​
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