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Aug 25, 2017
May 1, 2008
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Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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Vaping Master, Male, from Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

ECF Veteran
leaford was last seen:
Aug 25, 2017
    1. popeye79
      Are you still working with Bloog? I've been buying my juice from bloog for almost 6 years, and now I get no response. I ordered over a month ago and nothing. ???

      Any help you could provide would be appreciated. order #31111
    2. mikegun
      L ...sorry tbother u , why cant i access the cliassified section of ECF???
    3. leaford
      Thank you Andruless,

      I'm always happy to hear that I helped convert someone from smoking to vaping. Introducing more people to vaping is what it's all about for me. That's why I got into this in the first place, with my amateur little video reviews, to show people that it really works!

      I will have some videos coming out later this spring. Bloog will be launching a new product line that I've been busy designing, so you'll see my shiny face grinning like a proud papa about it! ;)
    4. andruless
      Hi Leaford,
      Hope all is well for you. I just wanted to thank you as you were the first person I learned about e-cigs from. They have honestly saved my life. I am wondering if you plan on doing any more youtube vids? I love watching your reviews and thoroughly appreciate what you have done for me and so many others. I bow my head to you dear sir and wish you all the best.
    5. LM in Hong Kong
      LM in Hong Kong
      Hi Leaford,
      I'm brand new to vaping and ECF and have enjoyed your posts. I live in Hong Kong and am facing a real challenge in getting e cigs here. I'm smoking analogs again and hate how I'm feeling after quitting by using e cigs in the US this Summer. Can I find e cigs at retail shops in Shenzhen? I'll be shopping in Lo Wu a few days from now and would LOVE to buy ANYTHING...even disposable e cigs would be better than analogs!! Do you know where I should go? Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated : ) Cheers, Lari (LM in Hong Kong)
    6. GreatDane76
      Hi Leaford... just wanted to thank you for helping a lot of us kick the analog habit once and for all. I tried vaping a couple years ago but it didn't stick because the products were so unreliable and the technology didn't match the prices at that time. But this go 'round I've done it thanks to your insightful reviews and the advances your product development has brought about. I just bought a Bloog starter kit a few weeks ago and I love it! Such a huge difference in quality and overall experience from my last attempt a couple years ago! Thank you and keep up the good work!
    7. MichelleDen
      Hey you still need to clear space before you can recieve pms. You asked me to tell if i got a responce, and no not yet. Not in spam either..
    8. RB37
      If that makes me a sell out, then I'm proud to have sold out. :laugh:

    9. leaford
      Fraid not, and I never knew Jewel either. But I did drive through her hometown on a fairly frequent basis. Years before she lived there, though.
    10. -iD
      Leaford... born in an alaskan blizzard...

      you didn't by chance work with a certain John Boy in a far away place once known as alt.dss.hack?

      if so, small world!
    11. leaford
      Well that's nice. You posted that last you had heard I was working for V4L. I PMed to tell you that I left V4L and what I'doing now, and you call me a whore and sellout.

      My goal since I started in this business is to make better e-cigs, so more people can succeed in switching from analogs. That was my goal at V4L, and it's still my goal at Bloog.

      And I did it! TWICE! First at V4L, introducing the first LR atomizers, improving PT construction, etc. Those innovations have spread through the industry, and benefit vapers who never order from V4L!

      Now I've done it again at Bloog. The Burn resistant design will be copied, the new componants will be adopted, and the manufacturing standards, QC, and testing will become the standard someday.

      I am making e-cigs better, so more people can succeed. The only difference is that at Bloog I make the decisions, so the final result truly reflects my vision.

      If that makes me a sell out, then I'm proud to have sold out. :laugh:
    12. TrippH
      Dude, you are such a whore

      I never liked v4L. I remember how excited I was to get their kit. LMAO at myself now. Tonight was the first time I heard of bloog. Not from your ugly, fat, bald self.. But now I'll never ever order from them.

      Such a sell out you fat ....!! .... you!!!?I hope you think about this next time you think you can steal a v4l customer.

      I use Egos you fat ....!!!
    13. salliezoo
      Aloha Leaford, nice to see you back. You don't know me, but I have enjoyed all your great videos since I started vaping in early Aug 2010. Will be waiting for you to work your magic at Bloog. Question: I am trying to locate a video you did at the factory in China when you worked for V4L. Where can I find that video...can't seem to find it again. Is that the BogeTech factory in Shenzhen? And hey...I thought you changed your Avatar, no? Take care...and good luck on your new venture.
    14. sassymamar1
      I am wanting to try one of the big battery ecigs but I like the V4L cartomizers for flavor and ease. I'm also pleased with V4L customer service and don't want to go away from their cartomizers or juices,(love the juice flavors, especially snaker and Classic CMF). But I need a something that I can use at work(12 Hr. shift) that will free me from chargers while at work. I have been vaping for 4 mths. and haven't used anything but VK from V4L. Don't want a bunch of different systems. Want a big battery ecig with very long battery life that's safe and will be able to use my V4L cartomizers. Later may want to try atomizer and dripping but not now. What is your suggestion and what type of adaptor do I need for my V4L cartomizer to work on it.
    15. Kimmy
      Hey Leaford! I have an idea for the name of the new cinnamon goodness you speak of! How about...Smilin SINnamon. Or....cinnamon sweetness. Or...Kimmamon;)

      Ok.. I'm silly. But seriously...the first one is GOLDEN!
    16. Luisa
      Leaford,that is such a shame--we consumers are fighting hard to keep them on the market. Surely some would help financially with lobbying costs. Are you able to communicate such a request to them?
    17. Luisa
      I am not a visitor-- I am a member. I did not find a reply about the manufacturers view of the future of ecigs. I know you will have a good idea about their views. Thanks
    18. shepp
      hey leaford, whats ur opinion on the janty ego? and will v4l juices work well with them if you know or not. thanks buddy :)
    19. SaveFerris
      Thanks Leaford for all your hard work and keeping us happy and SMILIN while we vape the benefits! AWESOME pics of the plant! So great to see we are getting the best!
    20. leaford
      Yeah, I should have taken pictures, though. Maybe if I get an early night this week I can go back.
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    Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
    Born in an Alaskan blizzard, raised in a log cabin in the woods, I have travelled around the world.

    Electronic cigarette, New Atheism, Skepticism, Comic Books, Science fiction, News, Travel Science Fi


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