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Mar 25, 2015
Mar 5, 2010
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the deep south
an "Angel Helper" or so I was told

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Vaping Master, from the deep south

ECF Veteran
leannebug was last seen:
Mar 25, 2015
    1. leannebug
      Saw this today... loved it!!
      By RTbob:

      "Yes, bubbles would actually be bothersome. When they land on you or your things and pop, they leave a sticky, soapy residue behind.

      The vapor exhaled while using a PV, however, is only bothersome to control freaks and the ignorant.

      The freaks can't stand the idea of anyone doing something that displeases them.

      The ignorant think what your doing looks like smoking and their afraid that the vapor your exhaling might hurt them in some way.

      There is help for both groups. Educate the ignorant. Shoot the freaks."
    2. zbasspro
      One sneaky disobedient bug u are!! Thanks Luv!
    3. jojogardener
      oh thanks you wonderful bug, you......I'm ok ---ya know, one day at a time...:)
    4. Xanax
      Hey, THANK you :D
    5. jojogardener
      Hey BFF - user notes - im anal I keep logs on everything.
      there is info on snus, snuff, juice, etc...etc....
      have fun - shop till ya drop..............
    6. $hua
      hello... totally random, but i wanted to say hello... i saw your name user name in a thread and it brought back a memory of an old friend i used to have with a dog named ladybug.. ya i said it was random right... lol...

      so yea, hey.
    7. fursty99
      hehehe had soem work to do on my website and i like doin late so no one has an issue, and sorry no wifey here. jsut lil ol me ;)
    8. fursty99
      got home today and had a wonderful package waiting on me... thank you sooo much again. you are a life saver. i was on my last leg and this came in perfect hugs
    9. ArdentHope
      You will forever be a shining light in the lives of others in need. I thank you for your wonderful kindness, honesty and generosity.
    10. Blonadier76
      Hey there... Would you happen to have a recipe for ry4?
    11. Captor
      Leanne, no need to thank me sweetie all i did was express my honest opinion and i have to say, that post of yours is very moving and a real eye opener for people that have sweet existances, yet cry and complaint about every little thing :)
      So, thank you instead for sharing what it is like for you sweetheart xx
    12. Blonadier76
      i havent had time to call on those bottles ..been hectic the past 2 days.. have you had a chance?
    13. Blonadier76
      Well i havent recieved an email that they have shipped yet. Should i cancel and order somewhere else?
    14. Blonadier76
      we still waiting on those 3ml sample bottles? i ordered 60 myself.
    15. AngeLsLuv

      Hopefully I will quit smoking soon.. I don't know why I picked up a ciggie.. I was smoke free for 6 months and then all of a sudden I felt like I wanted to rip my hair out with things going on at my home.. Since I did not have any valuim *LOL* I started smoking again.. Once I calm down, I'll maintain my vaping since I love it and I never wanted to quit using nicotine, and aso use my hookah for the relaxation (plus the flavors are wonderful.. My favorites now is Pina Colada and 7 spice).. It's nice to sit down with headphones on and hookah away :) ... I'd say that if you would like to smoke but avoid a ciggie, get a hookah.. With vaping, I've bought alot of products from a number of hookah sites and the ones I've used a great and they give alot of deals and coupons too..
    16. AngeLsLuv
      Hi Leanne,

      Well I have been using a Hookah on and off for about 30 years.. I never owned my own until recently.. I adore it.. The problem now is that I am under so much stress that I surcumbed to smoking analogs again and I'm pissed about it..

      There are many sites to buy them.. I do like vaping better than using a hookah mainly because a hookah you need to burn the coal and all that so it's a bit of a process.. I love hookahs for nighttime relaxation though
    17. KarrMcDebt
      LOL, you only use one at a time. It was the prototype of a mod that didn't need adapters. It had a 510, a 901 and a 801 connector.
    18. pm2006
      I already downloaded the calculator. :) Still too complicated for me. I point and shoot. lol
    19. rosesense
      Yeah, I love pink lol. Just pm Issac at Ikenvape and he will save a pink one for you if you want one. He sells out quickly so I always just have him keep things for me.
    20. pm2006
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    the deep south
    an "Angel Helper" or so I was told
    Paying it Forward, life


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