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Mar 25, 2015
Mar 5, 2010
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the deep south
an "Angel Helper" or so I was told

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Vaping Master, from the deep south

ECF Veteran
leannebug was last seen:
Mar 25, 2015
    1. sensay
      Hey Girly! I just wanted to mention what an asset you are to this forum. All your posts make me smile and brighten my day!!
    2. AngeLsLuv
      I do still smoke analogs on occassion and when under alot of stress.. Once a day I love using my Hookah, but after smoking for 32 years I feel better using an e-ciggie on the most part...

      Anyway, Keep in touch and if you have any questions, just speak up and tell those who have attitudes to go .......k themselves... (I hate people who think they are the perfect once's)..

      Take Care and Blessings,
    3. AngeLsLuv
      Hi Leanne,

      Who's Paula??

      If you want, instead of caling me AngeLsLuv, you can cal me by my nickname.. I'm Jules (formally Julia)..

      Just take your time getting used to everything pertaining to the e-ciggies and the info involved... YouTube has aot of videos and reviews on juice and brands that are reay good and also, some onger videos that can be found somewhere in the newbie's section...

      I've been using mine since July and adore my 510.. I did buy a Janty Stick and it's great for the rechargable battery that you can buy anywhere, but it is big and I like holding something similar to a real ciggie.. Also have a Vivo 401 but I still can't get the bad taste off the attty no matter what I use, even the coke method..
    4. Nikhil
      Nice save on the Pay It Forward there with that PCC offer substitution!
    5. AngeLsLuv
      Hi Leannebug,

      I read your coment on the "Campaigning Discussions" thread and Please don't think that everyone is the type to think that just because you haven't posted 1000 coments on the forum would mean that you don't count, or that your coments aren't important.. I'm not sure if anyone refered to you as a "noob" or that you don't count but be sure you are as important as everyone else... I've been on this forum since July and found the nicest people on the net, so I guess I've been lucky... Some people are just idiots and tell them to go F** themselves :)
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    the deep south
    an "Angel Helper" or so I was told
    Paying it Forward, life


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