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Dec 26, 2011
Oct 4, 2009
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LisaLisa was last seen:
Dec 26, 2011
    1. beckah54
      Hey LisaLisa with the big blue eye, where are you? Hope everything is okay.
    2. suddenly
    3. MorningsEcho
      Hey Lisa, hope all is well. I've been doing very well with my prodigy V3.1 (using at 6V) and am currently waiting for the arrival of my GLV2. I just want to encourage everyone out there who is new to vaping. I've been off of analogs for 5 months now and it feels great. My next step is to decrease the level of nicotine I'm using until I get to 0 nic. I may still vape even then, I don't know, but hopefully I will at least achieve the 0 nic level.
    4. crbrown
      Hello, my name is Candis and I would live to join this group.
      I would never be able to leave the cigarettes behind with out the Lord's help, tried on my own before (many times) and it just doesn't work!
    5. gmbaby58
      I am a Christian,trying to get off analogs totally and new to vaping,I want to join this group and need to knoe what I must do to get in?Thank you.
    6. suddenly
      [​IMG]Thank you for the wonderful B-day blessing. I stopped those a few years ago. LOL
    7. suddenly
      A girl can never have enough flowers, Love Nancy

    8. rsteele38
      Hello LisaLisa this is a great group and i would love to join it! :)
    9. Mr.Mad
      Lisa I started the contest.. the rules and stuff are posted in the OUTSIDE FORUM.
    10. MorningsEcho
      Good morning LisaLisa,
      I'm a christian and a vaper and would love to join this group. Thanks so much and God bless!
    11. Dbeastro
      Helo Lisalisa,

      I was happy to see a christian group on ecf and would like to join.


    12. Selena
      Hi i would love to join this group.
    13. alnjessie
      I would like to join the christian forum group
    14. alnjessie
      Hi LisaLisa, I know this will sound like a terrible gloomy message to send but after the mark of the beast post I was wandering if you ever got to checkout the website The Watchmans Cry...I believe you will be amazed n awakened even more spiritually by this site. It's been such a blessing to me and Nathan the person who is on it, is one of God's chosen people to wake people up to what's happening and to get people to get themselves right with God now not later. Also, look at fema prison camps and coffins, martial law, poisioned food and vaccinations that we all are getting, on you tube.. n the Alex Jones show/ is proof that this country n world is coming apart at the seems, we r in the birth pains(no said time how long birth pains last) before tribulation begins. Let me know when u check it out what u think
    15. Mr.Mad
    16. audio
      Hi LisaLisa,

      I was interested in joining the Christian Social Group forum, and it was suggested that I contact you. When I click on the Christian Group, I get a message that says "You are not authorized to access this page." How does one become "authorized?"


    17. notsoogood
      Welcome back LisaLisa! Missed you!
    18. HeatherY
      I would like to join, please. Thank you. :)
    19. mike20
      Christian, and would like to join.
      Thank, Mike
    20. cliff
      hey LisaLisa,how do you go about joining the christian vapers group.-thanks cliff
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