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Jan 29, 2018
May 3, 2009
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Columbia SC

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Ultra Member, from Columbia SC

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lotus14 was last seen:
Jan 29, 2018
    1. lotus14
      Hey sstambo,

      Gained weight from stopping smoking, eh? So that's what you're blaming it on! Probably more like lazing about on your long winter vacation ;)

      Did you get one of Drew's Woodys? Too pricey for me, and looked like something I wouldn't use much. I did get some of his LR attys and some drip tips. The drip tips are really nice, but the LR attys are the best thing I've tried in a while. Very nice ^__^

      I may take a close look at the XSHaler when they come out. Should work great with the LR attys.

      About time for the lawn and pool business to pick up there isn't it?

      And yeah, me and mine are doing fine. Or at least as well as we deserve ;)

      Hope you're doing well :thumb:
    2. sstambo
      Howdy Lotus,
      Thanks for the puresmoker tip. Yeah, I am still around just got some other new hobbies too. Working out-gained a little weight from quitting smoking, I think. Hope you and yours are well. :)
    3. sstambo
      Howdy Lotus! Hope you have been well. Been busy camping + hacking my droid I got for Christmas. Camping season almost over for me. :-( Have you heard about that new woody mod Drew is going to be releasing soon?
    4. EcA2AcE
      What Nic mg do you use with the 555 e liquid?
    5. EcA2AcE
      Hey my Friend, I would Like you to Drop a "Visitor Message" on my Page/Profile telling me 1. Eliquid or Cartomizer? 2. Favorite Flavor to answer # 1 from "Puresmoker"? & 3. What mg of Nic?

      Because Im a Curious Person [​IMG]

    6. sstambo
      Happy Thanksgiving! I ordred the protege today! I was waiting for an answer to a question from them. Guess I couldn't wait for a black one. I wonder if mine comes with a new mechanical switch?
    7. lotus14
      No, I sent you a PM at 12:19AM. Haven't gotten any PMs since. This is showing up as a visitor message. I had to reinsert my password this morning - don't know if that has anything to do with it. I saw you had logged in and were asking about the black Protege's. I'm trying to resist pulling the trigger on a 5-6v device. lol.
    8. sstambo
      Morning Lotus,
      Didya get my PM after the last that you sent to me last nite? I got that server error nonsense after I clicked send.
    9. lotus14
      Well hey back iori276! What kind of work brought you to Cola and what could ever tear you away? lol.
    10. iori276
      glad to see a fellow south Carolinian here :) i work up in cola temporarily. just wanted to say hey!
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