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Jul 12, 2010
May 4, 2009
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Tampa, Fl

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Jul 12, 2010
    1. derick
      Thank you for your business, I'll get that in the mail for you first thing in the morning! It's my fault for not know how to use paypal LOL Thank's again Derick
    2. louann5840
      Wait, is the Rio the same as an 801?
    3. louann5840
      Hey, Grimm!! Didn't see this right away. Thanks so much for the info. My attys seem like they are "stuffed up" and they are getting too HOT. They are burning up my juice faster than they used to. My batteries are not lasting as long, and reaching the cuttoff very quickly, so flashing a lot.
      I can't figure out if the atty's are not working right, so putting a strain on batteries, or are the batteries wearing out (they shouldnt be's only been 1 month, and I have 3 batteries that I'm rotating) and putting strain on the attys.
      I'm going to order a USB passthrough to try and find out.
      I have cleaned my attys with hot white vinegar.

      What do you think of the Nicostik?

    4. GrimmGreen
      Hey there

      yes as an overall device , for throat hit , vapor production and battery life i do like the 801 the best. I do not clean my atomizers , i have on occasion steam cleaned them to remove an overpowering flavor but that's about it , i usually use them till they die. Right now the majority of my atomizers are from , called the "RIO" though i don't know how much longer he will be selling them. i have a few from Ruyandirect and 1 i got yesterday from e-smokeytreats that i have not tried out yet.

      What exactly is wrong with your atomizers? how do they perform? , all my 801 batteries... again from and have an 8 second cut off that i rarely reach.

      the vaporking is a rad device it's the KR808D-1 also known as the Nebula. i'm a big fan of that model as well , at night i don't leave home without it.

    5. harmony gardens
      harmony gardens
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    Tampa, Fl
    I have one grown daughter, a lot of hobbies, one kitten. I draw, sew, do Tai Chi, digital art

    not enough room here


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