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Aug 11, 2014
Jul 18, 2010
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Ultra Member, from Milwakee

ECF Veteran
lujin4 was last seen:
Aug 11, 2014
    1. Glam
      Hey Lujin: Not hearing from you forever. Hope all is well. Got the new e power---first report is on my visitors page. May have finally found the perfect vaping set up. At least come over and say hi if you have time.
    2. Glam
      Hey Lujin: How's it going? Not much new here. Taking 2 grandkids to Disney at the end of the week. (Company contest trip). Will be hot, but not as hot as here. Finally rain today......needed it very badly. Have switched entirely to ego/510 threads and love them. Also have one of the new e power pvs on order. Kinda glad they ran me off V4L--found so much better products for vaping. But I do miss you and a few of the others. So keep in touch. You are allowed to write more than two words, you know, especially to me.
    3. Glam
      Hi Lujin: Just checking in with you, and wanted to share.....been reading other forums a lot lately, and decided to order an ego kit. I love it. Ordered it with cartomizers cause it comes with attys, and I don't care to use those. But this battery and these cartos are really great so far. Battery lasts all day and is shorter than V4L XL, and is about the same price. I still like V4L peppermint juice, but I am finding out that there are better things out there when it comes to hardware and other juices too.

      I am in touch with Anita via email every day--really miss posting with her but our emails are fun too.
      Let me hear from you soon.

      Keep in touch.
    4. Glam
      Hi Lujin: Just checkin' it to see how it is going. Not much goin' on here. Been reading the forum but don't like it without the silliness. I like to laugh and not much to laugh about there now. It is too bad not more people like Keyzy put him in his place. Some did post on my visitor page tho, and I saw he had been lurking there so he would have read it. I did send his pms to a moderator, and she said she was going to reprimand him and if it happened again, he would be booted off. I told her it wouldn't happen to me again cause it scared me right off the V4L forum.

      Just checkin' in with ya. Me and Anita, we are both still around, just mostly lurkers now.
    5. Glam
      Love ya, Lujin. Great post--we'll give them what they want. We'll leave all the fun and laughter behind. No more nanners or silliness. Let's see if the chat thread police like that!!
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