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Apr 11, 2019
Aug 13, 2012
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Senior Member, from Croydon, Surrey, UK

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Apr 11, 2019
    1. guitarmafia
      Well some of my relatives live in US,they often bring small amount of stuff for me..and some of the US websites also have worldwide shipping..i usually choose fedex..which is not exactly cheap..and their service differs from place to place and time to i heard fedex hs a crap service in south india..its okayish in Delhi,Noida and there are times when i hv received my order in 3 days,and the other times it took upto a week or more..
      But since last 2 months or so most of the US websites are temporarily putting a break to worldwide shipping..
    2. guitarmafia
      *bump* would be great if u could answer my queries...
    3. guitarmafia
      And i dont think chinasells has a dhl option..they only have free shipping..which i believe will be exactly as annoying as fasttech..
    4. guitarmafia
      And i also want to know tht if i choose dhl as my shipping,is it going to be the dhl courier that is gonna deliver it to my place or they forward the parcel to india post when it reaches inland?
    5. guitarmafia
      How is the quality of nicotine juice..i hv never imported from china(except this time from fasttech)..the price looks a little high to me,considering i hv paid less for an all US made nic liquid..
    6. guitarmafia
      And what are the things that u cn get in india?? From a website far i am importing everything..from silica wicks to kanthal wires...
    7. guitarmafia
      Even as toxic as 100mg/ml ones??
    8. guitarmafia
      Hey do u get nicotine imported to india??
    9. souvik
      So basically am desperate to find an all day clove cape, the wetness u xperiencing could be from the base liquid too and not the flavour itself, also cartos for me work better, giving me way more throat hit and flavour, than the novas and ego c attys.
      Tried the Zichhi liquids , you know how that story went, lots of uncertainty and no Qc on their part, and my clove juice tasted like cinnamon, so I drowned my hopes with them :( hoping to get some kinda break through in my juice ...have you tried any of the US juice? How are they diff. From the Chinese juice?
    10. souvik
      Hi Lycan , I am having a similar problem my self , can't seem to get a perfect clove juice...I totally understand by what you mean by a wet vape..had the same issue, was using the novas and the ego C attys in e rolls ..was using health cabin clove flavour and DIY liquid..also tried the clove extract as flavor by Dabur from the local pharmacy, but without much luck....the Last I remember having a good clove eliquid was from steam lite with 510 cartos from Ayush (Delhi) ...anyways recently I have got myself the kanger horizontal 510 cartons and smokteck lr Dcts...also got myself the Hangsen clove juice, and that wet vape has disappeared, but still not the best clove I have tried....the search is on...let me know where u got your DIY stuffs from?
    11. WALLe
      Hi Sourabh,

      Mine did the same too, I got a replacement - Joye has sent him the replacements, on 11, Fri, I picked the replacement on Sat, my guess, is you got one where he did not change the head - was your box sealed ?
      The new head comes updated firmware with v 1.1
      I actually told Vijay about the recall - he did not know till then - and I got to know from here,
      Wrote to Joye got a reply quickly,
      What I like is the new firmware allows me to tell the resistance of my different Clearomizers without switching it off, which I like,
      it's a real head turner,
      Btw - have got 12 ppl to start vaping over the last month,
      Will get them to join ECF and the Bangalore group,
      Cheers till we catch up again,
    12. WALLe
      Hi ,
      Have been busy,
      In fact got all my egos from vijay some time back,
      Been checking the forum tho,
      Also got my eVic yesterday - conked off today - it was from the batch that have been recalled by joyetech
      Will wait for the replacement -cheers till then
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    playing xbox, vaping, football.., cooking for friends, drinking beer, did i mention vaping..
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