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Madame Psychosis
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Mar 25, 2014
Nov 18, 2009
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East Coast Gypsy
Corporate gremlin; student.

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Madame Psychosis

Super Member, from East Coast Gypsy

ECF Veteran
Madame Psychosis was last seen:
Mar 25, 2014
    1. just-cass
      I was just talking bout you with Kev on VapersPlace radio and thought I'd stop in and say HI! Hope all's well - Cass :)
    2. rothenbj
      Hey MP, don't know if you still come around, but your write up on DVap's experimentation is pure excellence. 5 stars to you.
    3. just-cass
      hey MP, so its been too long i hadta write and see how all is with you across the pond....i'm hardly on ecf anymore but just wanted to stop by n say hey : o)
    4. just-cass
      What a lovely message MP,i'm deleting now making space just for you...i thought 4 spaces would be enough?got some lovely msgs lately i cant part with...going to delete now...looking forwardto your msg : o)
    5. JebGipson
      Something I've been meaning to do for a while...

      Classfied and Swaps Feedback: Quick summary I posted ad for 901 atties she offered me a pair on a good deal shipped quickly packaged well was polite and even asked if the package came through ok great gal A+ Classfied Section user.
    6. whimzkool
      Did you ever get your snus? If so, how's that going for ya?
    7. Katmar
      I wanted to thank you for all of your help regarding Kava. You have quite a bit of knowledge regarding depression, herb, meds, etc. A girl after my own heart.
      You info is extremely helpful.
    8. Scottbee
      Thanks for the kind words Madame! Love your profile pic! (Although I think I'm getting dizzy!)
    9. Illuminate
      Glad to see another person from Boston trying to improve their health in 2010. Thanks for the good tips. People like yourself are making this more of a community than just an internet forum. Safe Vaping. You are AWESOME!
    10. Jodans
      Never managed to make it to fire drums yet, I always seem to be broke around the time it occurs. Same with burning man. One of these days though, one of these days.
    11. Spiker
      Well, I (and the bar) are retired from BM... 5 years was enough! Better to burn out than fade away... but, if you know some people that have been to BM, ask them if they have been to Spike's Vampire Bar, someone may remember us. Had a blast there, and if you get a chance, make the trek, it is a once in a lifetime experience! We had some world class spinners there (at least I thought so), and had more fun than is legal in most states. Wish you could have been there!
    12. Spiker
      Cool! Only asked because I used to have a Fire Spinner stage at my bar at Burning Man. It's one of the coolest art forms out there! My av pic is me inside the Bar a few years ago.
    13. Madame Psychosis
      Madame Psychosis
      Yes, that's me doing a gig on Halloween this year with my poi.
    14. Spiker
      Gotta ask... is that pic of you fire spinnig?
    15. nj1001
      What up Boston vaper!?! Holla!
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    East Coast Gypsy
    Corporate gremlin; student.
    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." Philo of Alexandria

    Fire performance, economics, staying up all night, making steel & silver jewelry.
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