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Jun 18, 2018
Aug 17, 2011
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Oct 27, 1953 (Age: 68)
Central Louisiana
retired trucker, wood worker, camp cook

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Ultra Member, 68, from Central Louisiana

ECF Veteran
madjack was last seen:
Jun 18, 2018
    1. classwife
      Happy Birthday to you :)
    2. classwife
    3. madjack
    4. madjack
    5. classwife
      Been worried about you !
    6. hairball
    7. madjack
    8. Jim Bob
      Jim Bob
      I really hate to hear this, best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, I am sure it's tough on you in many ways
    9. madjack
      ...just an update...........
      ...well we went to Shreveport for tests this past Mon/Tues...the good news, is, they are going to do something and not just monitor them...BUT, it will be brain surgery and not the less invasive coiling...Marlene has to go next WED for a pre-op physical on the 8th followed by surgery on the following Mon, the 13th...they say she will be 5days in the hospital and then home for a 4week recovery say Marlene is scared would be an understatement...and I am not far behind...all of y'all's thoughts and prayers are so appreciated, thanks again...........Jack
    10. madjack
      ...this is to all my friends on ECF......
      I have degenerative arthritis in my hips and lower back...I had one hip replaced 2.5yrs ago and was scheduled to have the other replaced on the 22nd of Feb...but, this post is not about loving and saintly wife, a pediatric nurse of 37yrs, was just diagnosed with having 2 aneurisms in her brain...we don't actually know what this will mean going into the future but it has scared the bejezzus out of us...we have met with a couple of neurosurgeons who have scratched their chins and gone hmmmmmmm, she is scheduled to have an anteriorgram on Monday next so, they can more accurately map the structure of the aneurisms and come up with a course of, if any of you are of the mind, PLEASE keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we navigate these terrifying waters....thank you, Jack
    11. madjack
      ...'bout the best I can say is, I'm still kickin' and screamin'...considering the alternative, that'll do for 'bout you.............Jack
    12. Shamruck
      Hey ya, Jack how the hell are ya?
    13. madjack
      yeah, about 98%...come across them early on and have been satisfied enough I haven't looked elsewhere...I am not one to search for the "perfect" juice...I figure it doesn't exist...all of their juices are mixed when ordered and need to sit for a week when you get them...found their flavors good sample deals and VERY reasonable for me!!!!!!! my only ..... is shipping, flat 6bux whether you buy one item or more but they do have free shipping on orders over 75....Jack
    14. pixilator
      Hey, I saw on a thread today that you use a lot of blue mist vaping juices. Can I get a quick and dirty review? I assume you like them?
    15. Survivors Mom
      Survivors Mom
      Haven't seen you around the last week and was a bit worried. Hope all is well!
    16. Della Cirque
      Della Cirque
      I've seen you recommend BlueMist Vaping a few times and wanted to say thank you! I have been ordering from Virgin Vapor, Gourmet Vapor and Mrs. T. After spending too much in the classies last week my credit card needed a break. Blue Mist really delivered...taste and price. Peach Brandy=YUM!
    17. NubeeResearcher
      Where u been jacko?????
    18. madjack
      ...are you using a drip tip or???? in the end of the carto...a drip tip, used as a mouth piece will help with the juice on the lips deal...what kinda juice are you vaping...a high PG base juice will not give a lot of exhaled vapor...what ohm is the carto you are using???that can have an effect as well......Jack
    19. hess312004
      Thank you for explaining this to me. I did get the gurlge sound, so I removed it and blew into both ends. What I'm noticing now, is that juice is getting on my lips and also, there's no vapor coming out of my mouth when I exhale.
    20. madjack
      ...don't worry about number of drops..."drops" are a very inaccurate measure...the slushy look is what you are wanting...if it is gurgly when you draw, remove carto and give a blow back into the barrel into a tissue and wipe threads..VAPOR....if you are using a PG based juice, that will happen...also, a freshly filled carto takes half dozen hits orso to break in and really get to cooking..............Jack
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    Oct 27, 1953 (Age: 68)
    Central Louisiana
    retired trucker, wood worker, camp cook
    a long haired, redneck, hippie(old school) outlaw.........

    campin' and camp cookin', the shooting sports, anything outdoors


    Teardrops and Tiny Travel Trailers
    Riva 510s, 2, 14650 E-Powers & EverCool box mod w/Resurrectors/Boges/dccs
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