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Apr 3, 2021
Apr 1, 2012
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Ultra Member, from SoCal

Verified Member ECF Veteran
Mainspring was last seen:
Apr 3, 2021
    1. Delilah718
    2. Delilah718
      Stopping by to wish you & yours the peace & blessings of the season....
      and a very happy new year [​IMG]
    3. Delilah718

      A shower of holiday blessings to you and yours :wub:

    4. BluSwatch
    5. Delilah718
      hi main, Trippytips nation misses you :wub:
    6. Delilah718
      Hi Main, Miss ya :D

      There's a Trippy Contest - come on by and enter :thumbs:

      The next TrippyTips contest will be a mission to make or find a picture, poem, or video of what you think the inspiration might have been for your favorite TrippyTip.

      If you don't own a TrippyTip you may use a picture from HERE.
      NEW Trippy Tips Pictures Only Thread


      1) Post your entries in the TrippyTips Pictures Thread NEW Trippy Tips Pictures Only Thread. Label them Entry 1, Entry 2, etc. Your favorite TrippyTip and the inspiration should be contained in the same post.
      2) Each person will be allowed as many as 5 entries
      3) The contest will end on October 15th, and the winner will be decided at
      4) The prize will be a Custom Ordered TrippyTip made by Bert
      5) Delilah can not win, but will act as a WILD CARD if she enters. If her post number is drawn the custom TrippyTip will go to the next entry, AND the person who posted an entry before hers!

    7. damselle
      I second that Blu! just came by to stalk him and see what he's been up to!
    8. BluSwatch
      Where you been Main Man??? :(
    9. HollieGolightly
      Hello hello hello.... Hello :D
    10. Delilah718
      MAIN! :wub: I see your avi and it reminds me of how much I miss seeing your posts! I hope all is well with you and hope we'll be seeing you around TrippyVil soon!

    11. HollieGolightly
      Hey Main! Hope your day is going well. :D
    12. BluSwatch
    13. Cyclin
      Ninja! Love the profile picture by the way. Oh minxy, why can't you live right next door and have big windows with small curtains... Ya that was creepy :laugh:

      Anyway I wanted to answer your question from earlier this week. I didn't have the info with me at the time since I use inches and mm .000 and I didn't have the numbers with me. The closest to the holes I use on the latest models is bit size 11/32 , hope that helps :D
    14. Delilah718
      Wooohooooooooooooooooo! Make it rain Main! :D

      Hugs :wub:
    15. Delilah718
      Main ya big sweetheart! [​IMG]

      Thanks for the beautiful like showers in TrippyVil :D

    16. Delilah718
      mainspring, please vote for me... I'm getting slaughtered in the mustache contest.. please vote here:
      I have a vapor mustache and a groucho mustache! :)
      Who has the best March Moustache?
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    "Don't call me babe" - Barb Wire 1996
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