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Mary Kay
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Dec 9, 2015
Apr 3, 2009
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March 2
West Tampa Fl.
Done with that!

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Mary Kay

ECF Guru, from West Tampa Fl.

ECF Veteran
Mary Kay was last seen:
Dec 9, 2015
    1. mg7454
      Hello Mary Kay!
      Thanks, I'm glad you like my AVATAR.
      I noticed someone else had the Pink Panther, so I changed.
      I get tired of the same Avatar anyway, I like to switch them around.
      I've got quite a collection of pix to choose from.
      You have a Blessed Evening!
    2. mg7454
      Hello Mary Kay!
      Love your sparkle!
      Talk to you soon I hope!
    3. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      No problem! Happy to meet you and have you post in the Women's Room. There are so many great ladies to get to know here. Pop in when you can!
    4. mg7454
      Hello Mary Kay!
      Thanks for befriending me!
      I look forward to many friendships here.
      I may have to disappear occasionally, or I will never get my homework finished!
      I also work on the weekends.
      Talk to you soon.
      So glad to be here!
    5. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      Hi Debbie! Long time, no see! Go to the Women's Room and look at the thread Dress up or ladies Dress up..Classwife gives the instructions on how to do your own page..if you look to the top left of the write in box (on this page) you will see the customize my profife. Take a peek and then check out Classy's instructions. Unless of course you know how to do all this stuff already!

      I used to mod the Women's room, but gave it to Classwife. Mike (hubby) hasn'r been doing well and I didn't want any ties if I can't post for a while.
      reat to see you..go dress up your!
    6. Debbie Lee
      Debbie Lee
      I love the picture of you and your dog xoxo
    7. Debbie Lee
      Debbie Lee
      I love this how did you make your own page on here? you must be a moderator? lol
    8. Shazadi
      I am sorry but by chance are you a mod?
    9. classwife
      Love the change over in here ! The doors are great !
    10. Skypea
      Hi, It's Sky from vape talk. How you doing? Add me as a friend?
    11. rkayw
      Hi Mary Kay, Just saw your msg. Accepted. :)
    12. jj2
      I understand--too well. :laugh:
    13. tmcase
      That doesn't surprise me. You sound like the kind of person that brings the best out of people. I wish I knew how to do that. :)
    14. tmcase
      Thanks MK. I think if you knew me you'd probably run like hell. :laugh:
    15. Lisa66
      Beautiful!!! -and the dogs, too!
    16. Fudgey
      Puppies!!!! :):)
    17. classwife
      Look at all the white pups ! How cute is this !!
    18. rainkeltoia
      OMG what beautiful doggies! My nana had a white Sheppard named Bingo when I was a kid, he was a big clown, I love those dogs! :)
    19. trukinlady
      Hi Mary!!

      Many thanks for the birthday wishes!! :) :)
    20. PiP
      MARY! I am so sorry i have not been on the boards this last year but i was going through some tough times in my life. im through them now and will explain more when time permits. I do hope you are well and are enjoying vaping still :)
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  • About

    March 2
    West Tampa Fl.
    Done with that!
    Wife, Mother and Grandma! Living in my hometown..finally!

    Woodworking, books on C.D. and this forum


    Mary Kay
    Analog free -April 17,2009
    Ladies, Please join us in ECF's: The Women's Room
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