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Mary Kay
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Dec 9, 2015
Apr 3, 2009
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March 2
West Tampa Fl.
Done with that!

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Mary Kay

ECF Guru, from West Tampa Fl.

ECF Veteran
Mary Kay was last seen:
Dec 9, 2015
    1. waylonjessi4ever
      i read your womens room post ...god bless and give you strength ,you are a dear person ....thanks for everyting hugs and prayers .
    2. waylonjessi4ever
      email is if ever you need it !
    3. Glam
      Hi Mary Kay: I am glad you asked me to be your friend........from your posts, I would think we would be real friends if we knew each other. Love reading your posts.
    4. Lambch3p
      Very cool. Just missed the suncoast meeting, it was today. I'm excited about vaporstock. I think I'll attend the meet and greet Friday and the party on Saturday. I don't have the money to stay overnight but my friend who gave me my first e-cig for Xmas wants to go with me. Thank you for all the info. I'll have to go to the flea market and check it out. I realy don't think vapingg is any less expensive then smoking but at least it healthier. :)
    5. Lambch3p
      Hi there!
      I poped into the womans world post and noticed that you are from Tampa too. I am new to ECF and have been poking around for a month or so. Have you found anywhere in Tampa to get good juice from? I hate waiting around for shipments to arrive. I would love to be able to smell or test flavors before I buy them. Or not have to pay shipping on just one flavor. Thanks for your time and help! Have a great day! P.S. Happy B-day (mine was the 8th) :)
    6. samsmom


    7. Grammie
      :bday: Hope you have a great birthday! :toast:
    8. ValleyGirl
      Ooooh...thanks! I was wondering why it was so dead in there, lol :blush:
    9. DonDaBoomVape
      Thanks so much, Mary Kay! I haven't thought much about the actual day of my birthday (checking the calendar, I see now that it is Thursday). My wife's birthday was yesterday, so the focus has been on her. I know that my birthday present will be the Infinity, but I'm sure it won't arrive until after the day in question. [I don't mind.]

      I have been well aware of the fact that I'm turning 65, which is great really. I've grown this neat-looking white beard (call me Papa Hemingway) and stopped dyeing my hair. I think I look "distinguished." I don't feel 65 (i.e., "old") and I've been covered by Medicare since the beginning of the month! [I discovered that some of the best private Medicare Advantage plans are free.] I will have to remember to be on the alert for senior citizen discounts. Gosh! Why did I wait so long?;)

      Thanks again ... and consider yourself wished the same whenever yours turns up! [I just don't track these things.:oops:]
    10. kyfatherof1
      thank you very much.
    11. jj2
      Okay, I sort of feel like a jerk even mentioning this, but do you think the "new ECF" is killing the social groups?

      Or is it me and WWB is in a big slump. :~{
    12. DaliMama
      Thank you so much Mary Kay!! You are such a doll and I appreciate your kind thoughts!!
    13. jj2
      Hey MK

      Been playing around. If you have a bunch of deleted threads you want to get down to one. Do this.
      Merge the threads. Once you get this done, both will still be visible: one will say managed on it.
      Then delete the threads. After you do this, it's down to one thread.

      You can do this over and over, but the first step is to undelete the thread.

      Hope this helps.
    14. LACENAIRE35
      Hi MaryKay ! ;-)

      I created a social group for all fan mods lovers: The MODs CLUB, i will be touched if you join us.
      We would like to have more women on it because when a prototype is created
      it's important to have opinion and femail vision on it about esthetic, ergonomic,

      The MODs CLUB :

      Thanks a lot


      Lace. :)

      ps: Sorry for my English wich is not very good :D :D
    15. WOW
      I love your profile avatar!
    16. notsoogood
      Thank you MK!!!
    17. impcat
      Thanks, Mary Kay! Gosh, I didn't expect to see my name up there in lights when I came online tonight! LOL
    18. MX5
      Hello MaryKay, I'm trying to post on the Women's Room but it won't let me. What do I need to do? Thanks! Why smoke when You Can VAPE!!
    19. QueenInNC
      Thank you!!! :)
    20. Metstoo
      Thanks MaryKay! That was a number of years ago but, aside from the ears, I look pretty much the same. That was my Frodo costume for a big Halloween party. It turned out pretty good and I even had hobbit feet. Heh!
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  • About

    March 2
    West Tampa Fl.
    Done with that!
    Wife, Mother and Grandma! Living in my hometown..finally!

    Woodworking, books on C.D. and this forum


    Mary Kay
    Analog free -April 17,2009
    Ladies, Please join us in ECF's: The Women's Room
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