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Mary Kay
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Dec 9, 2015
Apr 3, 2009
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March 2
West Tampa Fl.
Done with that!

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Mary Kay

ECF Guru, from West Tampa Fl.

ECF Veteran
Mary Kay was last seen:
Dec 9, 2015
    1. DonDaBoomVape
      Thank you so much for the illustrated birthday wishes, MaryKay! Because of you (and a couple other forum buddies), I'm already "enjoying tomorrow with family and friends." And if my Bartleby arrives tomorrow, my joy will be complete!

    2. Flowersoul
      Well, I went into the Women's Room, and can't for the life of me figure how to 'join'! I hate when that happens! I followed your link, but that's as far as it took me.
    3. roxinal
      Hi MaryKay
      I was on your site here and I tried to post and I couldn't. Any suggestions? I think I would like to be on your subforum, Thanks and have a great day
    4. sstambo
      How did you get that fishing smiley? I must have one.LOL
    5. BrenYngOne
      Thanks so Much Mary Kay, I pop in every once in a while.... still vapin no analogs!
    6. AngeLsLuv
      Backup.. did you change your pic??
    7. AngeLsLuv
      *LOL* I do click on view conversation but if someone lands on your page they don't see it right there *LOL*.. I'm only on those few groups and can't keep track on who's new or not.. I'll try to spend tomorrow or the next day looking through it.. I thought there was somewhere on here that showed new members... I swore it, now I need to find it *LOL*
    8. AngeLsLuv
      Hiya's.. It's not just weird.. This about the messages to each other.. If someone goes on your page you see one sided conversations from the other person and not what you wrote *LOL*.. OK Who is being quiet around here?? Didn't think that was possible... Them ladies need to relax and enjoy, it's fun in here.. Need any help?? So you are just asking to ok your fiend request??
    9. AngeLsLuv
      Hi MaryKay, Ever notice that this message system in here is weird?? Just noticed, you've got 86 friends in here.. Holy ****!!!!!!!!!!!! *LOL*
    10. Iken
      Thank You MaryKay!!!!!! It was a great day!
    11. Father Luke
      Father Luke
      Thanks for the kind thoughts, MaryKay!
    12. lashmn
      Hi Mary Kay,

      Thank you for the kind birthday wishes. You certainly are one special gal. I've missed being in the Women's Room and will try to get in there soon.

    13. Tecratk
      I don't have access to that forum. Feel free to post it though and you can even use my picture. :)
    14. Tecratk
      Oh I know, my friends think ecigs are cool, but they think I've gotten completely rediculous about them. I carry this little pouch with me that I picked up for 14.99$ at Walgreens in the Diabetic Supplies section of the store.. Take a look,


      It fits two Janty Sticks, a completely assembled 510, two 10ml bottles of juice, and two mini-pipes (one auto, one manual), plus a few handy wipes, which I use to wipe off cartridges when friends want to try them. It's pretty much the ultimate ecig case, IMO. Here's a link to the case from

      Diabetic Travel Case | Walgreens
    15. je_jooster
      Hello! I got crazy busy with work, short-handed here and busy-busy-busy! Hopefully, with summer over and schoolnow back in session, things will calm down for awhile!
    16. Tecratk
      I found this that might work.. 901 Cartomizer Adapter

      It's a 901 cartomizer adapter. You plug that into your 901 adapter and it has the necessary airhole. I will have to order that and some cartomizers and see if it works.

      I have read recently that somebody used a 510 to 901 adapter from Altsmoke and then used the Cartomizer adapter above to successfully vape cartomizers on 510 batteries.
    17. Hinterscher
      Thanks for the happy birthday!! = )
    18. scottyj
      are you feeling better yet ? I hope you are
    19. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      Friendship request: It means nothing..except that I think you are! No Cash, first sons or formal paperwork. Just a gesture of friendship.
      I know the restraints you have on space and have many more topics to cover..but it means a lot that you choose to mention Nico. in however you choose to do it! I have the stuff to make my nicostick if I ever get off my duff and make hubby do it! :)
      Stevie King and Dean Koontz are my two fav authors. Enjoy the rarified air up there.
      Mary Kay..oh and thanks for the songs.
    20. DonDaBoomVape
      Mary Kay,

      Thank you so much for your very positive comments about Episode 5 of my 6-episode saga ... and for inviting me to be your friend! [I have accepted your invitation.]*

      * I'm still pretty new to this world of online forums (ECF is the only one in which I have actually participated, rather than lurked). Exactly what does it mean to be "friends" here?

      I will choose not to be offended by "I was mad at him too!" (referring to Stephen King's Chap book). ;) Instead I am pleased that you wait in anxious anticipation ... and feel flattered by being mentioned in the same sentence with such a popular/prolific author.

      I certainly will be acknowledging NicoWolf and including a photo of the NicoStick in Part 6. But don't set your expectations too high. Modding is only one of that final installment's topics and there are many other aspects of that topic I want to cover.

      Thanks again, Mary Kay!
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  • About

    March 2
    West Tampa Fl.
    Done with that!
    Wife, Mother and Grandma! Living in my hometown..finally!

    Woodworking, books on C.D. and this forum


    Mary Kay
    Analog free -April 17,2009
    Ladies, Please join us in ECF's: The Women's Room
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