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Mary Kay
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Dec 9, 2015
Apr 3, 2009
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March 2
West Tampa Fl.
Done with that!

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Mary Kay

ECF Guru, from West Tampa Fl.

ECF Veteran
Mary Kay was last seen:
Dec 9, 2015
    1. edlogic
      i tried to respond to a posts by you at
      but it said i did not have permission to do so ? ?

      anyway - when i was in high school in about 1975 - i read that book alas babylon and i remember it well - fort repose - the highway men - radio active jewelry

      anyway i also wanted to say that my favorite way to thwart the mosquitoes is to eat plenty of raw onions and or garlic - they don't bite - they don't even lite ...

      p s - oh i see message that says join social group ? i will check if that is the way i get on the florida thread
    2. redbeard
    3. redbeard
      its actually 5.99.cheapest accessories.liberty electronic cigarettes.
    4. redbeard
      hi marykay.thanks for the info.i figured it out with your help.hope all is well.RB
    5. cmacpduff
      Woowwwww! It sure is nice in here !!!!!! :) Hi girls. It's 4AM and do we have a pajama party going on here or what. Maybe MaryKay could start a thread asking everyone who posts here after midnight -"what the heck are you doing up this late posting on the forum?". Bet there would be some interesting answers and we'd get to know each other better. For me, my hubby is severly disabled with a Traumatic brian injury. Two years and 4 mos now. He's also developing Dementia as a result. He's 57. I'm up late or wakeup during the night because
      A- I worry a lot - I'm his sole caregiver and I have to keep our budget and home intact.
      B- He's very demanding and jealous even of the computer. The wee hours are often an easy time for me to go on line.
      Chio. Be back later.
      I see Mary Kays sign up instructions below. I will just scamper over to my profile page.
    6. Mikie Likes It
      Mikie Likes It
      Hi marykay. Walrus told me to drop by and say hi. I just joined the wrecked and bonkers group. I figure I'd fit right in. Nice to meet you.
    7. Mary Kay
      Mary Kay
      Hi! Go to your profile and look to the right side, you will see join social groups, click. Then once you see the social group section click on view all social groups or something like that and find us, click on Women's Room. Then a box will appear click yes! You have joined us and may now post..a lot! Mary Kay
    8. Stephaniems
      How do I join the womens group?
    9. redjazzy1
      Join Florida Vapers under social groups! :)
    10. Fred
      Thank you for your warm welcome :) Always glad to meet people with Belgian roots.
    11. TheWrathOfSanity
      That would make sense.
      I'm trying to come play, but I keep getting server lag *sobs*
      I'll make it down there eventually.
    12. TheWrathOfSanity
      Oh yes, very female. Else it would be hard to explain the 2 children I've given birth to!
      I've begged my hubby to request transfer to Tampa. I grew up as a (retired) Army Brat, so I'd look forward to the once a month Sat commissary trips.
      Alas, hubby does not work on the proper models of planes Tampa has. So my choices seem to be CA or OH. (and we just moved from OH so no thanks! I hate snow)
    13. TheWrathOfSanity
      I was born and raised in Lakeland (Polk County). So practically neighbors, about an hour, hour and a half drive.
      I miss it sometimes.
    14. TheWrathOfSanity
      Just wondering where about in central Florida you are?
    15. PiP
      lol yea i really should add a photo of myself to the board but im too lazy to do it :D
    16. PiP
      i dont know if theyd appreciate a male in the ladies room :)
    17. melissa
      You did accept I got it:) Now we can keep in touch!
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  • About

    March 2
    West Tampa Fl.
    Done with that!
    Wife, Mother and Grandma! Living in my hometown..finally!

    Woodworking, books on C.D. and this forum


    Mary Kay
    Analog free -April 17,2009
    Ladies, Please join us in ECF's: The Women's Room
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