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Jan 29, 2016
Sep 26, 2010
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April 28
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Unregistered Supplier, from Indiana

ECF Veteran
mary_d was last seen:
Jan 29, 2016
    1. priorities
      Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend * (((hugs))) ♥
    2. Vap3N
      Thats so cool. Thank you Mary. Take care - Vap3n (Jared)
    3. Vap3N
      Hello Mary, you dont know me, but it seems that you own, work, or are affiliated with Parkes Vaping. I wanted to just drop a line or two to express how I appreciate and love Parkes Vaping. I just recently spoke with a Mary from your company (dont know if it was you or not) on the phone about an order I placed, she was very pleasant and helpful. Keep up the great work!! P.S. I hope all is well (based on other visitor messages). Thank you - Vap3N (Jared)
    4. priorities
      {{{{{hugs}}}}} Mary I have your son.. and all of you in my thoughts and prayers hoping all goes well for him and he gets well, Pri xooxxoxoox
    5. stan_lg
      Sorry to bother u but I was just wondering are you the one that posted the ejuice recipe banana nut bread if so will you tell me what it is .im having trouble understanding what you mean it said 15% flavor what % is each flavor are they each 5% I feel stupid askin this lol and if u have more good one send them my way thank you for your help
    6. priorities
      {{{{hugs}}} Mary I hope you enjoyed the little one's birthday and don't worry everything will work, Pri xooxxo

    7. charmed412
    8. priorities
      Oh Mary! Such 'good' news to hear* so happy for you all..Thank you for telling me and thank you for your wishes very sweet. I am feeling a bit better everyday..{{{hugs}}} to you and yours..I hope you have a wonderful day..take good care .love Pri [​IMG]
    9. priorities
      priorities sorry to read of all of your loved ones's troubles..I am not posting..not feeling well but I just wanted to come over and wish you all well and please know I will keep you and yours in my thoughts..hoping they improve and everyone feels better very soon..{{{hugs}}} to Pri
    10. charmed412
    11. Lambch3p
      Sending some healing vibes your way! I hope you get well quickly. HUGS! :)
    12. classwife
      And hoping this finds you better !!
    13. P-Dub
      Here to let you know that we are here for you. Lots of hope and prayers for a speedy recovery.
    14. tehki
      Been hoping to hear an update on you.... I've been keeping you in my prayers and I hope you're doing alright sweetheart. Sending lots of love over your way. ♥
    15. keyzygirl
      I hope your okay lady.Miss you in PIF.Hurry and get better!
    16. Adrena
      Love, Light and Energies my friend
    17. charmed412
      I love ya chick....thank you for being there.......
    18. charmed412
      Well I miss you. didn't know you would go away with the yo yo :( Guess I will just have to stalk you here. LOL
    19. mary_d
      oops did a double post
    20. WingRyder
      Pssssst... Hey Mary... Please post your findings with the LF Tank atomizers once you try them. I bought some from TW and one works pretty good but the other.... well, it would take a gorillas lungs to draw on it and the flavor, et al almost sends me to my cigar stash. haha


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