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Nov 3, 2014
Feb 16, 2012
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Senior Member, from NJ

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Nov 3, 2014
    1. sharpi
      MDO1265 Thanks for the very kind message! I am glad you are sticking with the vaping. It doesn't matter what you use as long as it is working for you. :) It was really nice to read your message. Thanks again!
    2. MDO1265
      Sounds like you are ordering from overseas. Maybe ? I found a supplier in my state ( NJ ) and they have been great. I ordered a Lavatube and a new Ego vari-volt and some juices from them yesterday at 4 pm and it was in my mailbox today. You should try them...

      I have been trying the lavatube here today with the atties it came with.... I dont do much of the " dripping " thing cause I like to keep things simple as well. I prefer to fill.... and vape away. The clearomizers are a little too " airy" on the lavatube. Im about to try this new " Buttery Nipple" from Vape Dudes on the lavatube atty.... hold please.

      ::::::::::::::::::::: Pause :::::::::::::::::::::::::

      Hmmmmmm... I may be getting the hang of the atty thing.... I always found them to be too cool of a hit. Trying this now at 4.7V..... oh wow ! gettin better. Up to 5V..... yup Thats the one !
    3. Bamboo
      It is on it's way. Yesterday it was the 26th they said it would be here and today the tracking said the 27th. I had taken a break from ECF for a while but when I first came here everyone was so helpful and kind. I had bought a reo mini but the button had got stuck on the down position. As for the chat I have used it a few times when I first started, I was very very shy. I am also waiting on my other supplies cartos, attys for the lava tube. I bought them at the same time and altho I have a tracking number it will not pull up anything. If I would of seen the things about these clearomizers, and the CE's I would of got those instead. So much has changed in the vaping world a lot of new things have come out, I can not wait to try them. I hope you are having a wonderful day.:):vapor:
    4. Bamboo
      Thank you for the like. :):vapor:
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    Designer , Builder
    So there I am walking thru the mall with my family in Feb 2012. I saw some guy smoking at a kiosk and I think to myself " What The !!?? So I walk up, scratch my head, take a few drags, smile huge, hand over $ 150.00 and look at my wife and say " youre lookin at a non smoker baby ! Havent touched tabacco since ! Of course then I stumble across ECF several hours later whilst investigating what Im now " smoking" only to find that I just got SPANKED for $ 125.00. Sound familiar ???? Hey , it got me off Black and Milds in 30 seconds flat !

    Adreniline junkie, Enduro racing, Skydiving. Being a great Dad for my 3 daughters.


    Seriously diggin this hobby. And of course being a NON smoker doesnt suck either ! " Got a light ?.... NOPE !!!
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