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Feb 14, 2019
Aug 19, 2010
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Feb 14, 2019
    1. merlin440
      Now I have the Provari from and I've gotta be honest with you all this e-cig is the absolute best e-cig I've had. I tend to vape between 4.2-4.5 volts (and now I'm sure of that number) and this thing ALWAYS hits at that level regardless of battery level, the computer system just makes this thing a pleasure to draw from. Durable too, I've dropped it many times, the only thing that's happened is I've bent my atty's :) Even dropped it once in the toilet! I really thought I was screwed then, figured it was fried. I let it sit for 2 days, to dry out before I touched it and it worked just fine. The only mod I really added to the Provari was the Empire 901 HEX Drip Shield mod from Glad I did, it took care of the issue with liquid dripping on my shirt pocket, it has a deep well for overage, but as anyone knows you tip it etc, the liquid just spills out, the shield removed that issue.
    2. merlin440
      I also purchased the Prodigy V3.1, I bought this while waiting for my Power Grip Feeder, figuring the simplistic design, nothing could possibly go wrong with it, it's a steel tube, bottom button on a spring :) I also love this mod too, although I'm not using it anymore, it's my "backup". 6volts is just a bit much, never found my sweet spot for resistance in the attys, but still works great, the 2.5oHm attys would last 2-3 days and hit great, so like I said earlier this is still my default backup e-cig.
    3. merlin440
      Well eventually my Ali' died, gave up on it, the regulator keeps frying out. So the adventure to find a new box mod became key or at least so I thought.

      So I found the The (v v) Power GRIP Feeder @ and purchased one. First I must admit, this mod is HUGE, but it defiantly does the job. Very consistent in hitting, don't really like the "door nob" to push juice but it works. I still use this mod today, mostly when driving now though.
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  • About

    I've been at this for awhile now.

    I'm a former 3-5 pack a day smoker for about 40 years, leaning closer to the 5 pack side. When I first started down this road, I was defiantly motivated by cost reduction. I was spending about $200-$250 USD a week on my addiction.

    So I did some research on the web and started off with the Blu e-cig which unfortunately didn't work for me, questioned a few friends they strongly recommended the Joye 510. I was fortunate enough to find this site before my next purchase. And I must say, to all the experienced vets out there, THANK YOU.

    It was directly because of this forum, I put up a post describing my honest feelings about vaping and my intentions of not quitting that inspired me to try the Joye eGo. Months of using that I eventually stopped smoking, unintentionally to be quite honest. I kept a pack of smokes in my desk and if I wanted one I would simply open the drawer and start smoking. Always put a receipt in the drawer so I would know when I had my last smoke.

    Anyway that journey started early in 2010, in sometime in 2011 I was like hrm, I haven't had a smoke in I don't know how long, I opened my drawer looked at the receipt and it stated: 8/2/2010. I threw the pack out and have not thought twice about it.

    I'll be honest about my journey, it defiantly was an adventure. Trying all the cart options, poly, blue foam, brass, tea bags, the cooking plastic plug, carto's, bottom feeders, tube mods etc. Not to mention the 100's if not 1000's of juices I tried before I found my sweet spot.

    Today my go to ecig is the Provari, I have 2 of them just in case one dies. I really loved bottom feeders, simply because it was the closest to the pure vaping taste of direct drip without having to worry about dripping all the time. So it was a hard switch to the Provari, but it being the rock solid mod that it is, makes any other choice difficult. I have yet to find a tank mod that gives the same flavor as direct dripping. That being said I do have 2 - Vivi Novas that are CLOSE but not quite there. I use them mostly when driving, so I don't have to drip and drive. Beyond that, soon as I get out of the car, the tank comes off and the atty goes on.


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