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Aug 22, 2012
Aug 23, 2009
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Ultra Member, from Denmark

ECF Veteran
Mik_Janty was last seen:
Aug 22, 2012
    1. shepp
      hey mik, i just picked up your ego tank system. ya got any advice for these for example, cleaning the atty and tanks, what the lifespan are for them, (not tawa either) or maintaining a "clean" atty so to speak. i gotta be honest, what yall have created here is amazing. i've never vaped anything that feels so clean and pure as this, no chemical after taste like cartomizers leave or hassles of dripping, its just amazing. the wave of the future imo be sweet if it could be adapted for the smaller 510 batts for the people still needing the cigarette feel. but anyway i'm rambling...thanks for such a great product.
    2. jaded
      I think you should incorporate the touch sensor style switch into the Ego I have seen a few places using now, I really like the look of it but just don't like the idea of it going off in my pocket.
    3. Digs
      Hi Mik. Will you be getting the eGo's in today?
    4. CleveR
      Can U answer my mail please ...
    5. thejager
      im sure you get a ton of IM's, so i apologize if im another.i have been vaping for a while. Started with one of the original Screwdrivers by Trog.i ordered the Juicebox by Carlos, and the Ego. I got the Ego 2 days ago and i love it,but am trying to figure out how to up my experience. Here are my questions, normally i'd search, but so much of this info is hard to find in 1 place on the forum, and it gets confusing.

      - can i put a cartomizer on my Ego? If so what adapter would i need?

      - i hear bout the "tesla filter" this a filter mod? or what? if its a filter mod is it out or able to be purchased?

      - the blue foam mod? ive read about 3 different posts about it, but i cant pinpoint exactly the benefit or where to buy supplies.

      I know you're a supplier and perhaps you dont want to answer this stuff since it's your product and all, but ive already purchased the Ego and happy already with it. Im just trying to max my experience.
      any help will be appreciated

    6. Kmaiguyhi
      Hey Mik, a few days back, I made an order which was number 8883 but it has not updated or i have not recieved any kind of shipping confirmation. please let me know whats up.
    7. gpdo24
      Congratulations Mik! Looks like the eGO is a big hit... nice when hard work pays off with desired results. Happy New Year.
      By the way kept my stick and it seems to be working nicely again (even if still a bit 'glitchy' and looks great with the superT brass tip...wonder if that will fit in ego (figuring it might be sweet :)
    8. Belowme
      Thank you Mate you are the Best, and You ROCK!!;);)
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