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Sep 2, 2012
Sep 6, 2011
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Jul 2, 1982 (Age: 35)
North Carolina

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Senior Member, 35, from North Carolina

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Sep 2, 2012
    1. Mikenet
      ............I haven't tried the nicotine from the site you mentioned, but I did end up trying RTS 100mg nic, and xtremevapng 100mg nic. Both seem to be of good quality, if your thinking of going stronger please be very very careful. Do all the research so that their are no question marks, and wear proper protective gear. At this point I'll probably stay away from it myself.

      Thanks for the RTS tip BTW
    2. Mikenet
      Dave, that is the same site I went to when I created this forum.....

      According to the representative I talked to their, on more than one occasion they told me that their nicotine is not diluted in any way. 990 mg / ml is what they told me even after I asked if it was diluted with anything like pg or vg.

      I cant say whether or not this is legitimate, but the way it is advertised is very misleading if it's not. If it is 990mg per ml this obviously raises many safety concerns which Is why I think we should be able to debate this matter at ECF. Information is always a good thing and my concern has been that someone may get their hands on pure nicotine not knowing exactly how strong it is, and without forums to discuss these matters it may do more harm than good although I understand the position of ECF. (continued above)
    3. Deuce22oz
      Damn, I gotta get used to not being able to put in website names and not being able to post links. The website is e-cig [DOT] com. All of their liquid nicotine have the same mistake on them. It's under "electronic cigarette liquid"/"e-liquid nicotine"
    4. Deuce22oz
      msg 2 of 2

      You have any idea what I could do about this?...
      At .......... they're selling pure nicotine and they made a big mistake. they said there's 99mg of nicotine an a 100ml bottle. I think someone can get hurt or killed because of that mistake. There's 99000mg of nicotine in a 100ml bottle which is extremely lethal. I know of someone making 250mg/ml e-liquid on accident because the site said 100mg/ml when it was pure and he got very sick. Imagine what would happen if someone made 2500mg/ml stuff. One "toot" would most likely kill them. I tried email and live chat, but my email won't go through and the live chat person keeps ignoring me. I keep getting the same guy (vanni.kong). If you have any ideas I'd definitely like to hear them.

      Thanks, Dave
    5. Deuce22oz
      msg 1 of 2

      Damn, I don't know if you got my last 2 messages. .... just keeps up.
      Sorry Man,

      100 MG Flavorless Nicotine Liquid
      Unflavored nicotine liquid

      Both have really cheap 100mg/ml nicotine if you're still interested. I'm gonna order from RTS on my next orer because they have a lot of flavors. I just hope they taste good and are concentrated.
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    Jul 2, 1982 (Age: 35)
    North Carolina


    Using a Maxi Roughstack at 3.7V and a variety of volts from smokeless image; an auto bat, manual bat, and 650 Mah big bat.