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Oct 11, 2014
Apr 7, 2009
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South Carolina USA
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Unregistered Supplier, from South Carolina USA

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mjones was last seen:
Oct 11, 2014
    1. LadyVaper
      Hope you have a wonderful day!!
    2. Taintedhalo
      Christmas cookie. All is can say is WOWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried this on a regular 510, an ego and a puck mod and it was yummy on all 3!! The cookie is creamy and I can taste a slight buttery note. I am trying to not vape it all up in one night but I have a feeling I may end up in the corner growling at people "stay away from my juice and no one gets hurt". All I can say is I have a bag of some very good chocolate on my desk and I am not even tempted to open.
      Customer service is excellent. Thanks to my cranky, sadistic computer it won't let me on the site now to buy this in bigger size. He has been going above and beyond any expectations to make sure I get my fix. Matthew my children thank you so they won't have to listen to me call the computer horrible names. If you like juices with lots of flavor and quailty mixing you have to try these! Its obvious that he puts lots of care and quailty in these.
      Ok off to the corner to vape myself into a stupor and play with the nice unicorns!
    3. julbil98
      I think I missed it but Christmas cookie would be great!
    4. shechefj
      Just wanted to say thx again Matthew for stopping by my shop today with the samples. I love the vanilla nut....mudslide and butter pecan are awesome too. I have not tried the others yet, but am going to pretty soon here, I'm sure they are yummy too! Spread the word for me and I will spread the word for! Hope to see you soon.....................
    5. Nelson76
      I just want to say thank you for letting me try the snickerdoodle and sorry for the late review.
      When I first got the package in the mail It smelled excellent. I'd been dripping it on a 306 2.5 ohm atty and an ego,It was pretty good. No chemical taste and I could taste the cinnamon and some chocolate. All day today I've been using it with the ego and a 2.8 ohm clearomizer And that's when the flavors really came out, really rich and clean no bad tastes to it at all just a rich cinnamon and chocolate infused, Neither overpowering the other, I haven't been vaping for too long and have ordered from a few different places to see what I like,Most have been a disappointment but this is something I'd definitely pay for and wouldn't feel ripped off. Thanks again MJones. Can't wait to try some of your other flavors.
    6. sonicdsl
      Just tried the Butter Pecan, and WOW! Very nice; amazing Pecan flavor along with some buttery sweet undertones. I'm very impressed with how "real" this tastes - exactly like the food. No chemical or perfume flavor to it at all. Great Job!
    7. woody55
      Ok, I am very particular when it comes to coffee vapes, but that said this one just blowed my mind! I was expecting more of a coffee flavor with a little chocolate added to it. That is not what I got. This had a very light coffee taste with a very strong chocolate grab. It reminded me of the vanilla mocha cappucinno I had this morning! The chocolate is not overbearing! It is just right! Very smooth, pull after pull! It gets better the more you vape! I am using an EGO with LR atty and dripping! Gonna load a cartridge and put it through a long vape session while I watch the Series tonite! This is a very definite must try! Good Job Crossroads!
    8. mfraz25
      I received a sample of mudslide. I have to admit though, I am always wary of trying juices from young companies. I was AMAZED with the sample I got. You can taste every element of a mudslide from inhale to exhale. The chocolate is there but not overpowering and not that nasty chocolate we have come to expect in the vaping world. It is a very creamy, smooth, and delightful vape. If I didn't know any better I might try to drink this juice. I definitely recommend this drink, I mean vape to anyone and I am a very picky vaper. Do not hesitate to give this juice a try.
    9. xoxoluvcrisxoxo
      I received your sample of Vanilla Nut today and WOW! The taste is exactly as the name, no BS just straight Vanilla Nut. It kind of reminded me of a Vanilla Nut creamer for coffee. The taste is not too sweet nor too dull, and the vapor is amazing! Im gonna have to order some more! Thank you for the sample! :D
    10. db13berry
      I just received my sample of your German Chocolate Cake. Its really really good! I can taste the an array of flavors in there that mix very well. The taste is very clean with no chemically or perfume taste or smell. Thank you so much for the sample! Ill be ordering this one and some more of your flavors with my next juice order.
    11. ManuDawg
      First let me say I am a Coffee Snob. I love my Kona from Hawaii and a great Galapagos Blend. I have been vaping the Mocha Cappacino from Crossroads for the last couple days and would like to share my opinion on this Vape. This is not a Coffee or Espresso flavored vape. Neither is it a Chocolate vape. Last night I had to make a long drive and stopped at an very well known coffee shop for a four shot Vente Mocha. Aha, this is the flavor!!! Crossroads has managed to fit a four shot Vente Mocha into an E-Liquid Bottle! So in closing I would say that if you are looking for a plain morning joe vape this is not it. If you like a nice strong coffee with some extras then Crossroads Mocha Cappacino is for you. ~ Robert
    12. proudlion
      found it! I'll definitely provide a review. Thank you so much!
    13. mjones
      I have an amazing new flavor supplier, if you are tired of perfume, dirty gym sock, tire rubber juices. I have the flavors for you.

      I'm trying them little by little to make sure I get really good flavors. I also have bottles on the way in 3ml, 10ml, and 30ml, and prices will be 2, 5, 10, from 0mg to 24mg, I can mix 36mg for extra buck :) plus 3.00 for shipping, I have some flavors, and more on the way. I have access to many many desert and fruit flavors, but will only carry about 35 or so to start with.

      What I so far is listed below. I will be sending some free samples to reviewers soon, so if you are a video reviewer, send me a pm for some free samples. I will add more flavors to the list as they come in.

      Bananna Hazelnut
      Chocolate Irish Creme
      Blueberry Crumble
      German Chocolate Cake
      White Chocolate Mousse
      Maple Nut Crunch
    14. Amy the Addicted Nurse
      Amy the Addicted Nurse
      What a wonderfully nice thing to say! And we where very happy to meet you as well! We were working a convert that night. Meeting another vaper so randomly like that just made the night even better! We were still talking about you today! :vapor: Sorry I missed your message before :blush: I've really meet so many nice people and I'm very sad your message got lost in the shuffle! My brother and I would love to hang out and vape sometime!
      I :wub: my vaping friends!
    15. opie
      Hey dude I talked to Joeykay today and he said that you have some extra egos that you wanted to get rid of so send me a message with your phone number so I can get up with you and buy one ....thanks....cody..
    16. sugismimi
      just wanted to say HI! from SC, Lexington God's Country, as they call it around here!
    17. umjim
      Was just wondering where you are located. Thanx, Jim
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