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Jun 14, 2013
Apr 20, 2009
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Senior Member, from Northern Virginia

Verified Member ECF Veteran
Moody2 was last seen:
Jun 14, 2013
    1. Mr.Mann
      Still waiting. Didn't want you to think I forgot about you.
    2. Mr.Mann
      Got it! I will begin the transfer process from PP to bank to cc, now.
    3. elocrian
      Ditto! I meant to pm!
    4. PRETTYJ6
      Sorry about that, I meant to PM you! :)
    5. feathersncream
      That's funny I just looked at your page and it looks like we both joined on the same day 4/20
      <LI class=floatcontainer id=vmessage829>[​IMG]

      Well I got your message so it look like we figuered out how to do it lol yeah ;o) Yesterday I won a bottle of Totally Wicked menthol - haven't tried their liquid yet but I've wanted to and they've got good reviews - the funny thing is I don't even like menthol

      Ok well it looks like I didn't figure it out becaus ei sent these 2 to myself before lol
    6. feathersncream
      What juice did/does your cousin have?
    7. feathersncream
      I've yet to find a favorite that I really love.... I thought that it was Puresmokers Riskee Yiuce but the last bottle wasn't as good as the first - not bad at all but just not as good in flavor. I also got the sample pack from JC out of the pack the Peach is my fav. & Kona Coffee I like too but can't vape it all the time - If you do use coffee make sure it's in a different atmoizer 'cause the flavor lasts a long time. JC's Vanilla wasn't bad either but I've yet to find a Vanilla that really tastes like Vanilla and I've had Vanilla from all 5 of the co's I've listed. I liked the melon from Janes-KICK too I really need to make a list of all that I've tried and my opinion of each
    8. feathersncream
      I've never had a direct conversation on here b4 - have you? When I went to the bottom of you message I clicked view conversation it it took me to a message box that say's Conversation Between Moody2 and feathersncream -cool lets see if it works and then I'll relpy to your last post

      Ok I think that I'm very challanged lol I couldn't tell if I sent this message to you or to myself lol
    9. feathersncream
      Hey Moody2 I'd love to help you with the liquid but I've read tooooo many bad reviews from that company sorry!! What other companies have you tried? I've so far had juice from Johnsons creek, janty, thesmokesafe, puresmoker & Janes-"KICK"
    10. feathersncream
      Hey Moody2:

      If you are really interested in getting rid of some of your liquid let me know what types you have and who they came from

    11. melissa
      WElcome to the forum!
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