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Last Activity:
Oct 17, 2015
Jan 2, 2011
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Outside DC
Truck Driver

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Idiot Guru, from Outside DC

ECF Veteran
Morandir835 was last seen:
Oct 17, 2015
    1. katz-in-boots
      Miss you. Hope all is well with you & yours xxx
    2. KrisRich
      Hey bro, how do you use the search engine for the numbers contest???
    3. justinred
    4. Loveridden
    5. JudeaB
      Just checking out about usb passthru and came across your signature.
      "With the ignorance from your cross as the witness, The truth of your tragedy make you justice, In your mirror the high spirit of kindness, Looks like malice... Condemnation of life by the living dead, What a premature judgement, contradiction to the core"- Dimmu Borgir
      I don't think I am thick but what does it mean! It has triggered my curiosity. Cheers, Jude
    6. Lisa66
      Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    7. LadyStrick9
      I just wanted to stop in and say how happy I was to see you and Becka's pictures at Vapecon with all your new friends and old friends Morandir :) I miss talking to you :(
    8. Loveridden
      Hiya Mor - I bought Plum Crazy & Hazelnut Coffee today - hope I like them!! Want to hear what you have to say about Plum Crazy. I was seriously considering getting blueberry and vanilla shake too but seems like ppl are saying the blueberry is a blueberry tobacco and I don't usually like fruit/tobaccos. Only one exception on that. Also 3 ppl put in the reviews on v4l that the vanilla shake wasn't very vanilla-y and tasted more like milk?? I hope they are wrong but I bypassed it for now.
    9. keelalagirl55
      Missing you very much Dear :wub:
    10. keelalagirl55
      Here's to an outstanding birthday doll! Love You! (((Hugs)))

    11. LadyStrick9
      You are so much help to me...thanks Morandir!
    12. Mjolnir07
      Props for King Diamond avatar.
    13. SIC08869
      Thanks for the friend request!!! =)
    14. Morandir835
      Ever feel like you have a target on your back? :)
    15. jbmcdan
      Hang in there, my friend. You're a prince among men!
    16. ithinkbutn2m
      Do you have the link for Snow's YouTube videos?
    17. ithinkbutn2m
      Thank you again sir!
    18. Morandir835
      Finished my vaping guide, added to my blog. Hopefully it helps someone out there, now to find something else to keep my mind occupied for a bit so I stop worrying about my dog....
    19. notrab13
      Have you tried vaping at DFH in Gaithersburg recently. I've been happily vaping in all restaurants and bars in the area (including the one in which I work behind the bar) without a problem since January. But last night, the manager on duty at DFH Alehouse told me and my fiancee to quit vaping because they don't allow it. Have you had the same happen to you there?
    20. Morandir835
      Seems quite a few people have forgotten there are always two sides to every story. It's a real shame in many ways, because usually the one being more vocal is always the one people believe, instead of stopping and wondering, what brought on this conflict, and what did the vocal party say back to the silent one? At least it's a good indication of the quality of a person, one who sees side a, side b, and all the is unsaid inbetween are the ones worth your time and friendship.
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  • About

    Outside DC
    Truck Driver
    I am married, was a smoker for almost 9 years, own 2 dogs and 1 cat

    I am a comupter enthusiast, a huge fan of black metal, and a have a passion for knives and swords. Also do 2 podcasts, one is Mind of Morandir which is has no theme and little structure. The other is Vapor Reporter (I'm 3rd mic and producer). We discuss what's going on in the vaping world along with talking to fellow vapers about their journey.


    Check out Vapor Reporter on Wordpress- Vapor Reporter | We just don't want to smoke We discuss goings on in the vaping world, do reviews, and other articles. Also do a weekly podcast where on top of discussing what's going on, we sit down and talk with fellow vapers about their journey. PM if you want to join. You never know, your story might inspire someone else to get away from cigarettes.
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