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Mar 21, 2020
Dec 30, 2011
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Jul 28, 1977 (Age: 42)
All over the place

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ECF Guru, Male, 42, from All over the place

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Mar 21, 2020
    1. kookycole
      Sent an e-mail, your inbox is full
    2. DaveP
      Check out post #225

      "Mr Mann thought my analogy post above had merit and declared me one of the winners. Today, I got my prize in the mail. It was a shiny steel pot bellied drip tip. Funny thing, I was planning to order one of those to use on my DCT carto tank to hold the top from sliding. How did he know that? He's obviously a mind reader and an all around good guy. This thing dresses up the SS Boge carto on my satin finish SS Provari like it was made for it! I'm looking at it and thinking that my Provari now looks like something in a jewelry store showcase.

      Kudos go to Mr Mann! "
    3. DaveP
      Thanks Mr Mann for the neat steel pot belly drip tip. You couldn't have known that I was planning to look for one like that to use with SS Boge cartos on my Provari and with my DCT carto tank. On the carto tank a tip like that holds the top rubber flange down and acts as a top stop to prevent it from sliding off.

      It's like you read my mind! Thanks again. It matches my brushed stainless Provari and the SS cartos I use.
    4. Mr.Mann
    5. Hummingbird
      Thanks so much! :)
    6. Uncle Willie
      Uncle Willie
      priceless ..
    7. Hummingbird
      Just the nature of the beast! But good beast! :lol:
      Not sure I can post in the thread. Against the rules?
    8. aurea
      LOL! Art no sadly, I have tried but these fingers / hands of mine refuse to collaborate with what I see in my head :( I can picture it but I can't make anything remotely beautiful appear (seriously, stick figures are a stretch).

      So, I am relegated to your average ordinary crafter :) Knit, crochet, sew... you name it I can do it. A.D.D. is such a beautiful thing if you can figure out how to make it work for you. Ohhh, and a complete computer dork! Need a gamer? Microsoft Office pro? Photoshop? Premier? Programmer? And just about anything computer related? Got that!

      But art alas, what I would love to do refuses to come out of these poor hands! I leave that in the hands of those far more talented than I. Like you!
    9. -Optics-
      Still don't know what "that" is! I suppose it'll have to be in suspense waiting on the surprise. Thanks again, and best simile in your whole life? Boy I'm moving up in the world!! I thought for sure the Oregon trail one was a hit lol. :thumbs:
    10. aurea
      LOL! Don't be silly! You are an incredible artist! I had wondered what your avatar was. Now I know!

      You have incredible skill and beautiful art work!
    11. Hummingbird
      Agree! Very well done by Kemosabe! :)
    12. aurea
      Absolutely! Would love to see!
    13. aurea
      Heya, Mr. Mann! Doing fantastic on this lovely Memorial day weekend! How are you?
    14. ohai
      I know and it's going to kill me. Damn you, HBO.
    15. Cowboy Cru
      Cowboy Cru
      Hey, sounds good buddy! Yea, I am in a freakin' bad way here! Thanks again ahead of time for all your help!
    16. N rustica
      N rustica
      yes, i use to watch his show on pbs. the power of myth
    17. Hummingbird
    18. babemomlover
      Know of any brick+mortar shops in the metro detroit area? :)
    19. Disk4mat
      Thank you! My simile was based on the hundreds of flavors of eliquid available and comparing to the nasty taste/smell of analogs.
    20. Hummingbird
      Glad you liked it! :)
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    Jul 28, 1977 (Age: 42)
    All over the place


    Aikido ​
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