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Apr 20, 2018
May 13, 2012
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Apr 20, 2018
    1. Irishgal55
      Hi, I just had to come on here and thank you for your videos. I've been vaping now for 3 months, and after watching you talk up their products, I went ahead and ordered a bunch of goodies from Smokeless Image. It was hard to decide what to order as everything looks so great. I went with the Volt X2 650mah Auto (Red) and a 78mm starter kit for those times I may want something a bit smaller. I also ordered the CE3s, and clearomizers, and I'll be watching your videos again once I get them to make sure I fill and clean them correctly. I love SI's selection of colours (important to a gal), and the online support has been great. ...oh and 26% off their products all weekend was awesome too!

      Thanks again for all the hard work have helped more than you know!

      ~~~~ Have an great day Mr. Outlaw! :)
    2. voodoocharlie
      Thanks for all your help and your advise truly happy with the CE3's I have thanks to you
    3. Chookychuck
      Hi & thank you for ur help .... putting together a 2nd SI order today, mainly a country refill, to me thats my favorite of the tobaccos, but the others growing on me. i got to take pics with new VOLT stuff too ... to be honest i am enjoying my PV a ton & watching lots of vids, i have had only 3 analogs in about a day (with little or no effort either - the vape satisfies me alot) ... i have my smooth samplers alternating on my auto and manual ... and ICE Menthol on my x2 manual in a CE3 (ICE Menthol is great for me)

      can i ask what software u used for ur SI video .... i might give it a try ..... Oh BTW i hope u win, ur videos are excellent.
    4. Mroutlaw
      The volt batteries are designed to stop working and blink when it gets to 3.2, so you never actually drain the battery completlely. I did place a link to an excel spreadsheet I made to calucate it, but here is how you do it. It is based on OHMS law

      Take the volts the battery is opperating at (3.6 for the volt) and divide that by the ohms of the carto and that will you the amps. Now, take the mah of the battery in metric form (so a 340 mah battery will be .340) and divide that by the amps. So, in this case you have 3.6/2.8 and you get 1.29. Then you take .340/1.29 and you get .26 (that is the seconds). Now, we know that there are 60 seconds in a minute, so multiply .26 by 60 and you get 15.6. now you have to multily the .6 by 60 for the seconds and you get 36. So, a 3.6 regulated battery using a 2.8ohm carto will drain after 15 minutes and 36 seconds.
    5. awsum140
      Hi, how are you doing? I've been following some of your threads and the one concerning battery life/capacity had some good info. How did you calculate the 16 minute life for the 78mm? What basic assumptions were made regarding discharge level before needing a recharge? I'm not trying to pick it apart, just curious to know what the baseline was. I would assume (always dangerous) that an 80% discharge would be about right for a recharge to prevent damage.
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