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Jun 14, 2016
Dec 5, 2009
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USA-Western NY

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Ultra Member, from USA-Western NY

ECF Veteran
natura was last seen:
Jun 14, 2016
    1. unsure
      Rumor has it your still around...miss ya![​IMG]
    2. studinski
      It has been a year or two (I was such a bad friend while on the road :().
      Email me once in a while if you want to chat: sarahsandroid at gmail.
      Be safe and have as much fun as you can.
    3. studinski
      Are you still around my friend? I am off the road for now & vaping full time. Hugs! Sarah
    4. warlike36
      Ya could pop in and say hi....we miss ya...CJ says hello too !!
    5. unsure
      I b here. lol Done with PIFing, no need to buy or sell anything (except the mini REO) so I've been laying low. ;)
    6. whiskey
      I just discovered that too...I don't mind these being on my wall...Especially if its you Sweety LOL..Bet you got a sweet deal on that gold one too..Love to see the pic's!!!Lucky you!!!
    7. whiskey
      OMG So you did!!!!Same Deal from Chad??? I might just have to see how you like it & if the same deals goin well LOL ........
    8. whiskey
      Hey girl...Did you ever get the gold indulgence you wanted? I saw that Vaporescence has the entire kit right now including extention for $99 Take care!! Tina
    9. unsure
      Get your gift yet? :(
    10. unsure
      Hi sent you a PM the 2 you sent (screwy forum today) Btw silly me dont know how to send out a CONFIRMATION PM,,,sorry :(
    11. gratefulme
      No the AWs are safer, but the AWs are 3.7volts instead of 3.0. The prodigy needs 3.0 volts. The only mod I know of that can use the AW 16340s is GLV. It has a resistor, and is made for the 2 3.7 volt batterys.
    12. gratefulme
      I guess I didn't really state that right. They are really to much power for us. We are using less than 2C of battery power. These have a discharge rate of 10C. Way more than we need. The only time we would use more than 2C is with the DBSB or the Low OHM attys.

      They still work just overkill in most situations. Thanks for dirtying up my board. ;)
    13. Bulldog44
      Congrats on your Puffer, I couldn't pull the trigger anyway, money is to tight. Let me know how that bad boy works. I am currently on a Chuck 510 which I love but want to get a "self dripper" and would like to hear what you think.
    14. deitra
      Sorry i was looking at the wrong 808. thanks anyway deitra
    15. deitra
      I am interested in the 808. can do paypal with me paying so u get all requested 26 bucks. If u have any used cartos u longer want i'd love to have em. Thank you, deitra
    16. redrhino
    17. Tanner S Hyde
      Tanner S Hyde
      I didn't wanna hijack a thread but I saw you mention your 510 with a 3ML cart.... really??? where the $%*@ can I get one of those?! I go through 4 carts easily in a day.. not countin if I go out and drink!!!
    18. Dkrom68
      Hi Natura
      Im the maker of DK`s Best Malty Blend. If your interested, send me a PM with your info and ill send you out a sample of it for you to try.
    19. DMertz99
      No, I wish it was. I've only seen 2 in the wild. Both were flying over the Potomac near Washington D.C. I was in the Eagle patrol as a boy scout (Just a few years ago). I guess that's one of the reasons they intrigue me so much. I also used the eagle as a logo for the company I owned a few years ago.
    20. darkmatter22
      thanxz for visiting my profile!
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