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Sep 21, 2019
May 30, 2009
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Dec 29, 1954 (Age: 67)
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Bedford, Texas, United States

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Super Member, 67, from Bedford, Texas, United States

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Sep 21, 2019
    1. johnathan777
      Thanks for the like it is an awesome lake.Hope the zebra muscle doesn't kill the fishing there!
    2. suddenly
      [​IMG] from Nancy
    3. laurieok
      Hi David! I am so sorry this is late in answering! I had to work a lot and I forgot!! I am trying to figure out what HRs are. If you mean High Resistance, I don't have any! I don't use 5 or 6v so I have never needed any. If that isn't what you mean, please tell me. You should try the VS4...its is really good! :) Laurie
    4. laurieok
      Hi David! Good to hear from you!! I have a sample bottle around here somewhere...will have to try it out. I also really really like the VS4. Have you tried it? It doesn't taste anything like ry4. Did you like the LR cartomizers? Take care, Laurie :)
    5. laurieok
      Hi David!! Good to hear from you! No, I didn't know that Eric was selling them. $6.50 sounds a lot better than $11.50 though! :) I wonder if they are the same. I love the ones from provape. Please let me know if you like them!! I might try a box from Eric to see if they are the same! Take care, Laurie
    6. laurieok
      I like the Sumatra better. The expresso is good, but the sumatra is better IMHO!
      How ya been? I haven't seen you on here for a long time. Keeping busy??
    7. laurieok
      Hey David! Yes, I love the taste of Tasty Vapor! And I love the Cafe Sumatra too. Finally!!! Some good Cap!! :) I didn't know what you meant about Dawns sizes so I had to go look! Every time I have tried to order she has been sick. WOW! 500ml????
      That is a $%$#load of juice!!! :) A little out of my price range!! :) Take care, Laurie
    8. laurieok
      Hey! Glad you got it worked out! I am sorry I told you about the Tasty Vapor!!! :(
      The Cafe Sumatra is excellent!!! I love it! Much better than the last time. I have been using cartomizers for all my darker liquids and haven't had a problem. Shawn at litecigusa has the new 510 blank ones and they are great! Last me about 3 hours without having to refill and you can use the Tasty Vapor with no problems! Take care, Laurie
    9. laurieok
      Hey David! So good to hear from you!! I still spend most of my time here. I drop in on Nu-Vapor occasionally. I am glad you got some of the good stuff from the widow before she ran out. It is still my favorite! Dawns is pretty good and will have to order some more soon. $2500 is way too much! That would buy a lot of juice!! :)
      Happy Valentines day to you too! And Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!! :)
      Talk to you soon!! Take care, Laurie :)
    10. laurieok
      Hey! That would be wonderful!!! :) I would love know!! DeKang definitely has a horrible taste..would be good to know so we can steer clear of it!! :) Please let me know what you find out! :)
    11. laurieok
      Hey NewButt!! It is "the stuff" but all she has left is 36mg. By the time I got there she didn't have that much left, but if you like 36mg she has it in 10ml bottle for $8 or 50ml for $23. Thought I would let you know!!! Laurie
    12. laurieok
      Hey! I just found where the widow has bought some joye capp from their previous supplier. I am not sure but I think it is THE STUFF. She only has a few left she says and here is the link if you want some Joye eJuice I thought you might want to know! :) Laurie
    13. laurieok
      Hi!! I haven't tried adding VG to Dawns liquid. I have a few, but not hers. Hmmmm I wonder if hers burns faster for some reason? I haven't noticed, but I got a few different flavors and am testing them out, so haven't been using hers that much right now. Chocolate macadamia from Nhaler is pretty good! If you want to try some, I can send you some!! :) Its not really chocolaty, or nutty, I don't know how to explain it! Drew is also getting in Capp, so as soon as he does I will get it and see if it is like what we like! I have been getting his 12mg HV and upping it with 60mg. Not too many drops and ups the nic nicely! Let me know if you add VG and how it goes!! And let me know if you want to try the cho. macadamia! :) Laurie
    14. laurieok
      Hey!! I thought Dawns was right on, but that is just me!! :) I got all my charges reversed at choice. I went to their web page and contacted them thru there. They didn't answer my emails, so did that and got a reply. I sent the stuff back and one package took quite awhile to get there, but they finally refunded my money and gave me a $15 store credit!! I will try the Cafe V as soon as I have a clean cart and addy. Want to know what it really tastes like!! Sometimes blending flavors is not a good thing!! :) Yeah, I don't think Parked will ever have the good stuff again, but as long as Dawn still makes it we will be ok!! :)
    15. newbutt
      It's good,little too much cinnamon for me, but the flavor is excellent.I think the Capp is on the money. As far as Choice Vapor, I sent him an email,but he didn't respond. I think it's weird that he spends the extra money to have it sealed in those blue bottles.
      I don't think Parker will carry the Capp anymore if he can't get the old stuff. That's why he's been coming up with these other flavors to replace it,IMO. Notice he always says"if you like the Capp, you'll love . . "
      I've got a lot of respect for Cash. At least he states on his website the recipe has changed.
      Hey, I think we scored,Dawn is cheaper than everyone else:thumb:
    16. laurieok
      Hey! Dawn sent me some too, but I have had a chance to try it yet! You like it?? What do you think of the capp? Really close?? I got some more...only ordered a 6ml bottle to try it. Did you get your money back from choice vapor? I was really disappointed in was just like Dietsmokes, which makes me think if Parked ever gets more in it will not be the same... :(
    17. laurieok
      No...its the same color as the dietsmokes capp! I saw in the classifieds that woodsylady was selling hers so she much not have liked it, but I sure do! I ordered another bottle right away. It smells the same as dietsmokes!! :)
    18. laurieok
      Hi Newbutt! Me again!! :) Well, I got Dawns Capp and you are right!! It is IT!!! I didn't get the chocolate in it, but she sent me one anyway and it is good, but the plain capp is wonderful!!! I am so happy! Thanks for the lead! Laurie
    19. laurieok
      Hi Newbutt! Did Woodslady1 tell you that choice vapor has the cappuccino in stock? She told me today and said she was going to let you know, but I thought I would tell you in case she forgot!!! This is the stuff!!!! As long as he didn't change suppliers, but woody said he said it was the same!!! Thought you might like to get some!!! :)
    20. laurieok
      Gee...I wish we could figure out the flavorings so we could just make it ourselves. This is getting depressing!!! I keep trying to find it, but I think I have run out of suppliers!! :)
      I didn't think the stuff from Dietsmokes had much taste, did you? Some day we will find it...hopefully Parked will just get some more in! Would make things a lot easier!!
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    Dec 29, 1954 (Age: 67)
    Home Page:
    Bedford, Texas, United States
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