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Mar 26, 2012
Nov 9, 2008
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May 8, 1973 (Age: 48)
near Akron, OH, USA
Trying deparately to fit back in 'the box'.

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Ultra Member, 48, from near Akron, OH, USA

ECF Veteran
nicowolf was last seen:
Mar 26, 2012
    1. HawaiiVapor808
      Hey nicowolf. Just stopping by to say thank you for your invention the "nicostick" and creating turorials on how to assemble it and its improved versions. This is the device that really encouraged me and my dad to quit smoking 3 years ago and we still use it today. Hell, I even memorized how to make one.
      Thanks again for playing a role in saving my life and prolonging my fathers life.
    2. jenntek
      Happy birthday!
    3. MadmanMacguyver
      how'd that go... the 4 pin grabber adapter...Mine is not so reliable it works but I lose some current through it...maybe spring steel doesn't conduct as well?...My fluke still squawks and goes to 0 when I touch the leads to it...:confused:
    4. suddenly
      I love your avatar. It is so darn cute. Are they your own pets?
    5. jctennis
      Hi nico,
      Building your nicostick was my jump-off point into building mods. I have since become the national E-cigarette examiner at and I would like to do a nicostick tutorial for my readers (with proper credit given of course [​IMG] ). I wanted to get your permission before I went ahead and wrote it. Also, would you be alright with me reusing some pictures so i don't have to build another one? Thank you.
    6. M & M
      M & M
      Is there instructions on how to build a nico passthrough somewhere?
      If you could route me to it, it would be appreciated.
      M & M
    7. drzen99
      Nico,Where can I get some PG to soak and clean my 510 atys?Read on the forum where a member was soaking his and attatching to a small aquarium pump to agitate and that it worked real well.Also no drying time afterward.Said he gets months out of his 510 atys that way.-dale
    8. california_girl
      Hello, I would be interested in purchasing a mod for an 801. Are you still making them? If so, what is the next step to ordering one?
    9. rbonie
      Nico; "Think" I sent u an IM on this but not sure.. Building a "clone" mod using your Nico stick and MoonMand upac. Question... Can u use and "automatic" feature like my m401?
    10. hepkath
      You there?
    11. cosican
      Nico Hi I sent out the 510 mod, along with a new 510 bat and an older 510 atomizer, just in case, you need to test anything or ?? If you do not need to use the new 510 bat, u can keep it for future use, if it is worthless, then just send it back, I am trying to throw u a bone for your effort, Again, if it is in such a state that u need extra work, let me know.
      U should have it by thursday and this time I did put your apartment number on it, so UPS has no excuse Thanks again
    12. cosican
      BTW all my mods can take the VK carts, and at times the SD can take the same carts
      saw a post and wanted to advise I buy mostlt VK type carts all over the place today and they all go w/ most of my 901 mods
    13. cosican
      hey pal enjoying the mod, thanks again a little guidence I bought three 14500 bats, all of them show strong on the meter, but two do not work at all in the mod??? any thoughts why that would be? The one bat works perfect, the other two, nothing, nada, zero, weird, if there is anything I need to know, other than nuy more battereis, would be great
    14. cosican
      Nice colors BTW, Just checking in to confirm you received the needed 510 battery? I just got my battreies in the mail, so I am good to go, whenever you are
      just scream, when and when??
    15. malyden
      Happy Happy Birthday - may it be a GREAT one :)
    16. rejoice
      Happy Happy Birthday to you!
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    May 8, 1973 (Age: 48)
    near Akron, OH, USA
    Trying deparately to fit back in 'the box'.
    I speak Spanish, not that it helps much in Ohio.

    love surfin' the 'net
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