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Nov 9, 2014
Nov 6, 2012
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nipurava was last seen:
Nov 9, 2014
    1. guitarmafia
      Yes the carrier is SG post and i hv to ship it to my place in lucknow.
      i called the foreign post office in chennai today.the lady on the other end of the line spoke with a heavy south indian accent(tamil i think) and she cudnt speak hindi at all.she told me i had to contact delhi foreign post office because they handle customs etc for northern region(which was kind of a relief to me as chennai post offices r famous for stealing stuff from parcels)i always got all my abroad shopping products through delhi only so i knew that i hv to call the toll-free help line for further info.i called them and they told me that both of my parcels left chennai on 21st.they kept my parcel for more than a week for no reason.and according to chennai post office,they recieved the parcel on 20th,when the tracking clearly said that it reached there on 14th.
      hopefully i ll get my packages by the end of this week with everything intact..
      i think i ll post this on the ecf india chapter.might help somebody.
    2. guitarmafia
      guitarmafia it ok to ask,what were the products in the order??...and its been more than a week since my order is at Chennai customs...should I call them??
    3. guitarmafia
      Hey nipurava..can u tell me what happened with the fasttech order of urs that was stuck at chennai customs??
    4. WALLe
      Part 3
      On the SS Mesh,and kanthal a1 and resistance wire i'm a novice and have to first find out what it is - can you send me a pic -
      On the wicks do the ce5 attys and wicks fit your system (sorry im asking cos i dont kno) because - the guy in bangalore sells some wicks although thety are not in the site - he also not put the ce5 on the site as well,

      well im enjoying myself and am very happy so far - lots of friends fully converted and am liking it
      will catch up again
      cheers and keep vaping
    5. WALLe
      Part 2

      On the liquid front - I get dekang premium here in Bangalore works out 450- 500 for 10 ml + tax - but there's lots of flavours - i know the guy and have slowly started getting small discounts cos i buy a lot from him for friends - the guys name is vijay and site is Buy Best Electronic Cigarettes Online, E Cigarette.|. Electronic Cigarette India
      I saw a site in Hydb Best Tobacco free Electronic Cigarette e-cigarettes in Hyderabad India or Best Tobacco free Electronic Cigarette e-cigarettes in Hyderabad India that also sells the regular dekang liquid which is much cheaper 250 a bottle of 10 ml - will love to buy but there are not many flavours - May be i try their kits - i want to review every kit available here.
      I dont have much info on the DIY yet trying to find out - contacted a guy in Delhi who manufactures - i haven't followed it up tho will try sometime again.
    6. WALLe
      Hi nipurva,

      Sorry for taking so long to answer,
      I too am relatively new to Vaping - just about two months but have gone really overboard,
      i am on 16 mg dekang premium silver have a couple of gold 24 mg too - falvours have tried almost all available here except few of the tobacco ones,
      i had to go about it by trial and error ( lots of errors) Started with the cheap Rs. 300 one from rediff then Steamlite, luckily i found a distributor here for joye
      Bought an Joye ego T battery 650 and a ce5 clearo for starters. Then i wend on an experimenting phase and picked up practically one of everything
      Apart from all the cheap stuff i have a joye 1000mah several ce5 clearos, an e roll , ego w , and finally the eVic,
      I envy your Vamo and setup, the e vic i only use at home cos its too big

      (Breaking this message up cos its more tha 1000 chars)
    7. LycanFury
      Welcome to ECFIC

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