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Feb 5, 2016
Mar 4, 2011
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DC Metro Area

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Unregistered Supplier, from DC Metro Area

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notrab13 was last seen:
Feb 5, 2016
    1. jacatro
      Notrab13-where have you been? We're all looking for you over on the corner, especially taukimada...
      Figured I'd scout you out myself first, since I'm the one who sent you the box you apparently absconded with. You never call, you never write...inquiring minds want to know...what happened?
    2. notrab13
      I sent an email to Brian about it almost twoo weeks ago with no reply. I included a lot of basic info about pvs and juice and also linked him to the Ruyan and a couple other studies that hopefully will help sway them. Hope this turns out well; I haven't been there since this happened, and won't go back until they allow it.
    3. Morandir835
      Tomas sir is a great guy Notrab sir. Talked to Brian sir last night about it, he said it's being debated, problem is the person who complained knows the owner well, so..... Was able to vape in the bathroom without issue, the upstairs one being the best to do so in....
    4. notrab13
      That's pretty crazy. I vaped there without a problem just last month. I called and spoke to Tom this morning, and he's going to get back in touch with me after he speaks to the GM. I hope I can convince them to let us vape, but if not, there are plenty of other places that let me. Thanks for your response Morandir sir.
    5. Morandir835
      Notrab sir never vaped there to avoid any issues that other patrons might start. Apparently a few months back someone vaped at the bar, a person got pretty bent out of shape over it, so no more vaping.
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