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Jul 29, 2011
Oct 18, 2010
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New York
Edition Designer/Writer for an upstate NY Newspape

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Odyssey in Atrophy

Full Member, from New York

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Jul 29, 2011
    1. HeatherC
      Don't know if you've seen but we are planning a meet-up in rochester...(ok really it's in henrietta) for January 29th at about 2pm with a 10$ gift exchange....bring a dish to pass and BYOB and stuff like that.......but the thread for discussion on this is here
      We would love to have you as well. If you decide you can make it you should PM Zen for directions to the meet location
    2. BassAddict
      Adding on to the post below, as it only allows 1,000 characters. I was at work when that happened, and she did say that I could replace the materials for my DIY when we gather more money.

      I am looking for a good pre-mixed replacement until I gather the resources to purchase all of my materials again. This will take about a month to accomplish, but I should be fine if I find a reliable company to purchase from for the time being.

      How is vaping going for you so far?
    3. BassAddict
      I am now in a pickle with my e-liquids.. I found out that most of my liquids from FSUSA have diacetyl in them. I ended up getting some liquid from, but all of their liquid has a perfume odor to them.

      This is where it got a little ugly, but I understood the reasoning. My wife has fun outgoing friends, but they do not understand how anyone could possibly smoke "any form of something". Her friends called her up and asked if they could come over, because they were 2 mins away and haven't seen each other for awhile. She panicked because our living room coffee table looked like a drug lab with all my mixing equipment. She threw everything into an empty trash can (expecting to take it out after they left). Well, liquid was all over the trash bag, and I once told her to never touch the liquid, as it was dangerous to the touch.

      Do you know of any company that has pure VG and does not use FlavourART flavoring? I haven't done much research on the various companies.
    4. BassAddict
      My wife's friend has been looking into a mixture of compounds a little over 2 months now. She is in grad school for molecular engineering of some sort. She was a smoker -- Now she vapes. I recently found this out as I started vaping.

      That would be not only fun, but could also provide economic support in the future :). I defiantly know what you mean by the "ahh" factor. I knew something was missing from all this e-juice. It is nice to know that I wasn't the only one. Good luck with the future testing of compound mixtures!
    5. BassAddict
      That is too bad about the battery going bad right away. You should let me know how well the LeCig battery works out for you. I have been thinking about getting a third one for the "just in case" moments.

      Here is the thing with the french toast.. First of all, this mix is amazing! All day vape for me lol. I didn't realized that I bought 60mg unflavored nicotine, I thought I bought 36 :(. So I ended up with 15mg nicotine in the product, instead of 9mg. My issues health wise went away, but I found that I am getting headaches from too much nicotine, lol.

      So, just have to wait to see how the 6mg goes :) then I'll go from there.
    6. BassAddict
      Well I started out with the cartomizers that came with the dragon. The cartos were 16mg, and that gave me a head rush along with dry throat, stomach pains, and drying out of the skin. So I bought some 12 mg liquid (50PG/50VG) from freedomsmokeUSA. Honestly, after I found out that they use FlavourART, I quit buying liquids from them. I noticed that a lot of their specialty pre-mixed liquid would contain diacetyl. The 12 mg was bearable, and I know the VG helped out with reducing the headaches and the drying out of the skin.

      My package of 6mg 100%VG, bought from, will be in my mailbox after I get off of work today. So, I will be able to try that out and see if that will help out with the headaches and the "sick" feeling.

      As far as the nicotine level goes.. I am getting more nicotine that I should right now, so I will have to see what happens with my 6mg after i get off work.
    7. BassAddict
      Ok, I just mixed a batch of E-Juice, and it is so good! I bought French Toast flavoring, PG liquid, and VG liquid from Capella.

      French Toast - Capella Flavoring Recipe
      36mg Unflavored E-Liquid made to 9mg after mixed.
      10ml sized bottle

      25% (2.5ml) 36mg Unflavored E-Liquid (I use VG)
      10% (1ml) PG
      45% (4.5ml) VG
      20% (2ml) Capella French Toast Flavor Drops
      = 10ml of 9mg Yummy French Toast.

      Happy Vaping!
    8. BassAddict

      I went to college with a group of four who participated in curling. I don't know much about the sport, but it does look interesting.

      I usually play hard and classic rock genre with my bass. I love the note range that I get to play with. I am being bugged to go shopping, lol. So, I must go for now.
    9. BassAddict
      I believe that would be the reason why your throat is dry. I keep seeing on the threads that it is very important to stay hydrated. PG needs a lot of water intake with vaping. VG needs the water to help break down its thicker substance. Almost everyone recommends drinking a lot of water while vaping. I, however, found that drinking some zero Gatorade does a better job with the hydration. The Gatorade also helps break down the thicker glands of the VG.

      I took a look at the velvet vapor website and I like it. Thank you for mentioning the company.

      I'm from Southeast MN. My user name stands for my three main hobbies: Playing the bass guitar, fishing, and car audio (sub-woofers and mid-bass).
    10. BassAddict
      Tobacco does tend to taste a little nasty after you vape for awhile, lol. I have found out though that tobacco flavored e-juice does start to taste good after awhile. I really like the RY4, Wyatt Earp, Maple, and Parliament as tobacco flavors. The one thing with PG is that it is a known skin irritant. It will dry out the inside of your mouth, maybe your esophagus, and it may cause dry spots on your skin. If that does happen, then you should try doing a 50%PG/50%VG, or try 100% VG.

      Yes I do re-use my cartos. I use a method called the "syringe plunge" or something to that extent. YouTube - How to Clean E-cigarette Cartomizers (KR808D-1 Compatible) However, I bought a $2
      10 ml syringe with a an open plug at the end of it (kind of like the turkey injector in the video). I also re-use my original cartomizers with this method, and it works great! I tend to refill a carto 6 times and then dump them.
    11. BassAddict
      Hello Odyssey,

      I do use the Red Dragon to vape with. I think that the quality is very good, and I am actually impressed with this e-cig. I don't use any specific mod at the moment.

      I am starting to make my own juices, but I just realized that I am having a few reactions to the PG base liquid. So, I just ordered some VG based liquid from If that works in my favor, then I will be purchasing some VG from They are a good food flavoring company for DIY in my opinion.

      Oh, and I purchase my blank cartomizers (808-D2) from I receive my orders usually within two business days. I found their cartomizers to work really well. I have been using the "condom" method to fill my blank cartomizers.

      do you make your own juice?
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    New York
    Edition Designer/Writer for an upstate NY Newspape
    I previously rolled my own cigarettes. Now I call them 'analogs.' Enough said.

    Curling. Web/Gaphic Design. Freelance Writing. Guitar.
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