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Ohio Points
Dec 6, 2012
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August 24

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Ohio Points

Super Member, from O-HI-O

ECF Veteran Verified Member Dec 29, 2017

    1. Ohio Points
    2. Ohio Points
      Ohio Points
    3. Ohio Points
    4. Ohio Points
      Ohio Points
      Rice Krispy Treats 8% Rice Crunchies 3% Bavarian Cream 3% Sweet Cream 3% Toasted Marshmallow 3% Marshmallow 1% Butter
    5. Ohio Points
      Ohio Points
      CL CLONE

      4 parts 3.1% KY BOURBON TFA
      3 parts 2.3% TOASTED ALMOND CAPELLA'S
      3 parts 2.3% COCONUT FA
      1 part .77% SIMPLY VANILLA CAPELLA'S
      1 part .77% MADAGASCAR VANILLA FW
      1 part .77% BROWN SUGAR EXTRA TFA

      percentages are slightly rounded
    6. Ohio Points
      Ohio Points
      Strawberry Shisha:

      10% Capellas Sweet Strawberry
      2% Flavor West Absinthe
      1% Vaping Zone Shisha
    7. Ohio Points
      Ohio Points
      1 drop of TPA’s 5% Ap diluted in 5 ml of plain PG and of that dilution I put in max 4-5 drops in 10 ml of e-juice.

      Personally, it was too weak for me, but you can start there and add drops until it works for you.
    8. Ohio Points
    9. Crasgar
      I graduated from Madison in '91, the wife from NDCL in '92. We're on Billings Rd., So the Farmpark is right around the corner from us.
    10. Crasgar
      No. I'm from Madison, moved to Kirtland about 5 years ago. My wife moved here when she was a junior in high school, though. Are you still in Ohio?
    11. Ohio Points
      Ohio Points
      10% TFA Buterscotch
      3% LA Butter Rum
      3% TFA Brown Sugar
      2.5% CAP Vanilla Custard
      1.5% TFA Caramel

      Papa Smurf
      Cap sweet strawberry 8%
      Cap blueberry 8%
      Tfa sweet cream 5%
      Tfa em 4%
    12. Ohio Points
      Ohio Points
      call it 'Black Sundae'

      for my last batch of flavor, I mixed:

      60 ml Flavourart Perique Black flavoring
      60 ml Perfumer's Apprentice Toasted Marshmallow flavoring
      60 ml Perfumer's Apprentice French Vanilla flavoring
      15 ml Perfumer's Apprentice Hazelnut flavoring
      15 ml Perfumer's Apprentice Almond Flavoring
      15 ml PGA
      3 ml Perfumer's Apprentice Tobacco Absolute 50X dilution
      1/2 tsp powdered pure stevia extract(unflavored)

      Mix all this together, and then use it at 10% or so to flavor your juice.

      Yes, That's a lot of flavoring, but I vape heavily and give out samples to friends and acquaintances fairly often. This can be scaled down, and if you'd like, the tobacco absolute can be omitted.
    13. Ohio Points
      Ohio Points
      What I've derived from this thread is a recipe which has evolved from a post here. I'm not really looking for a Boba's Clone but a nice pleasant vape. Here is the final version after a lot of tweeking:
      TFA Brown Sugar 1%
      TFA Cinnamon Danish 2%
      TFA Banana Nut Bread 4%
      TFA Graham Cracker 3%
      WL Commercial tobacco 1% Wizard Labs
      FW Coconut 1%
      TFA Smooth 1.5%
      This is a smooth, mild tobacco/bakery juice. Most people would increase the tobacco. It needs a few days of steeping

      TPA DK certainly has a place at my vapor-station.
      I never mix it higher than 5%; my standard tobacco base (as posted elsewhere in DIY Recipes) is:
      3% DK Tob
      5% Marshmallow
      3% Caramel
      3% Hazelnut
      1-3% EM to taste
      Steep 48 hours, minimum.
      All TPA flavors

      Sometimes I'll mix in a little Tobacco Extract or Absolute (never more than 2drops/10ml; STRONG stuff, this!), or try some of the other tobacco flavors in place or addition to DK.
    14. Ohio Points
      Ohio Points
      CFB ( All Cap this is choc.fudge brownie) 10%
      MM 2%
      EM 2%

      your nic
      blueberry xtra (PA)..10%
      honeysuckle (PA) 5%
      sweetener (to taste) couple drops

      E-Cigarette Forum - eHuman - Blogs

      Boba influenced clone:
      4% Vaping Zones Black & Mild
      4% (TFA) Banana Nut Bread
      3% (TFA)Cinnamon Danish
      3% (TFA)Graham Cracker
      1% (TFA)Coconut
      1% EM
      Pretty darn good out the gate but great after a week of steeping

      8% FW Sugar Cookie
      6% CA Peanut Butter
      2% CA Vanilla Cupcake
      2% TPA Bavarian Cream
      2% CA Marshmallow
    15. Ohio Points
      Ohio Points
      60% base w/nicotine
      30% Dekang Turkish Blend eliquid
      5% FlavourArt Maxboro Ultimate flavoring
      3% Perfumer's Apprentice Cotton Candy flavoring
      2% FlavourArt Coconut flavoring
      -- sucrose sweetener to taste*

      This looks like it would be very heavy on tobacco flavor but it's not. It's more in the same class as a sweet RY4. My wife doesn't care for tobacco flavors but she vaped nothing but this recipe for a month straight.

      The taste when freshly-made is sweet coconut/tobacco. As it ages it takes on more of a light molasses and clover honey taste.

      *I used one drop of EZ-Sweetz (mega-sweet) per 6ml of recipe

      Flavor West Butterscotch 12%
      Natures Flavor Butterscotch 8%
      Sweet Cream 3%
      Bavarian Cream 2%

      5.5 ml base
      .7 ml fw cupcake
      .4 ml pa toasted marshmallow
      5 drops pa graham cracker
      4 drops sweetener
    16. Ohio Points
      Ohio Points
      Black Honey Tobacco (TFA) is pretty good mixed with French Vanilla.

      Vanilla 10%
      Black tobac 4%
    17. Ohio Points
    18. Ohio Points
      Ohio Points
      6% Bavarian Cream
      6% NY Cheese Cake (Capellas!)
      6-9% Any Flavor You Want (I use *vanilla at 8-9%)
      Sweeten to Taste (cotton candy works great, too!)

      10% Double RY4
      5% Caramel Candy
      5% Bavarian Cream

      RY4 Double.i mix it at 15% and add 3% caramel and 3%Grahm cracker

      7.5% Capella Banana
      5% Capella Strawberries & Cream

      buttery nipple (14% butterscotch 7% Irish cream)

      Bananas Foster1
      Banana Crème 30%, Vanilla Butternut 40%, Rum 20%, Cinnamon 10%

      Bananas Foster3
      Caramel 30%, Vanilla 10%, Banana Crème 50%, Rum 10%

      Banana Fosters mix
      30% Caramel
      10% Vanilla
      10% Rum
      50% bananna

      Juicy Peach 9%
      Sweet Creme 11%

      Recipe Name: Snap & Crackle Treats

      1.5ml Marshmallow by Capella
      1.5ml Cookie by FlavourArt/TFA
      1ml Butter by Capella
      6ml 50/50 PG/VG No-Nic Base

      Test the mix, if needed add sweetener to taste. 30ml at 20%

      ***9ml Unflavored Base

      0.4ml Marshmallow by Signature

      0.3ml Butter by LorAnn

      0.3ml Yellow Cake by Flavor West
    19. Ohio Points
      Ohio Points
    20. Ohio Points
      Ohio Points
      EM - 1/4tsp + PG to make 10ml - ~10% solution
      Menthol - 5-7.5 ml crushed + PG to make 10ml - strong drops
      Tape on syringe numbers
      VG - big needles - thin with distilled water
      Acid (lemon juice/vinegar) - couple drops per 10ml for fruit pop-age and preservation
      PGA - couple drops per 10ml for TH / thinning (or distilled water - no TH)
      citrus/cinnamon - plastic crackers

      EM = Ethyl Maltol. You may as well tie one hand behind your back if you do not have some of this in your stash of stuff. (Two flavoring companies that I know of also sell this in a 10% solution as Cotton Candy Flavoring.) I use EM in a 10% solution and here is what it does:

      Tiny Bit (A fraction of 1% in your mix) - Gives a "body" to the vapor and may slightly reduce sharp notes.
      A Bit (Close to 1% +/- in your mix) - As above but will take the edge off sharp notes and may very slightly sweeten.
      A Bunch (1%-5% of your total mix) - As above plus sweeten
      A Load (10%+ of your total mix) - Cotton Candy flavor
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