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Aug 9, 2013
Jun 18, 2013
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Full Member, from Licking, MO, USA

Ozarklady was last seen:
Aug 9, 2013
    1. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Merry Christmas and have a Safe Holiday

    2. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      The list is endless as I'm not the only vaper this has happened to- large vendors, small vendors it really doesn't matter. The problem is the vendors are using the cheapest card processors available.
      One of the largest vendors:
      As I said if I make any more online Ecig purchases it will be with a prepaid CC
      Problem is PayPal will not allow Ecig Vendors here in N. America to use their service.
    3. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Thank you sincerely OzarkLady. It's an ongoing nasal polyps issue- Sinuses are 92% filled with polyps. As for CC and Vendors. Recently used my CC with an ECF listed Vendor (rarely used this card) and my number was stolen. If I ever buy online ecigs again will use a disposable CC.
      My CC Company suggested I buy from Vendors that use PayPal as it was the safest. FastTech uses PayPal so the number is never in the Vendor's web logs. Done completely within PayPal website. The choice is yours completely though. Again thank you for your thoughts- they are greatly appreciated. Just dealing with a stubborn thumb infection that turns out to be fungal and not bacterial- yech :)
      Cheers, best of luck and thanks again for your concern.
    4. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      1. Do products come with warranties?
      Unless otherwise noted on the product page, product warranty is 6 months counted from the date of shipment.

      Within 3 months after shipment:
      Upon returning, defective items are replaced and shipped back to customers for free. Return shipping reimbursement is USD 40 or 50% of the item's price, whichever is lower.

      3 to 6 months after shipment:
      Upon returning, defective items are replaced and shipped back to customers for free. Return shipping reimbursement is unavailable.

      Customers may still send defective items back to FastTech. FastTech passes those items back to their manufactures and helps coordinating the repair. Customers are responsible for shipping charges both ways.
    5. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      You're welcome. At the Hospital for tests most of the day (upcoming operation). The problem with the non SS Vamos is they scratch very easily. Friend bought a Chrome and was ever so careful with it but after 2 weeks looked awful so he had to shell out $20.00 for a skin to cover the scratches. Also a HUGE fingerprint magnet.
      Considering FT is only asking an extra $3.00 for the SS Vamo when others are charging $10+ it's quite the deal:
      $31.19 Vamo-Vivi Voltage Adjustable E-Cigarette Battery Compartment - stainless steel / with extension part at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping
      Also a great return policy- they have an office in Florida: Next Post
    6. Ozarklady
      Thanks Bill and Vapoor eyes, but I'm trying to save money by buying the non stainless steel as I will probably give it to one of my poor relations - my sons! Yes, I have the nitecore charger for them to use as they live next to us. I thought I was getting good deal on k-100 but it didn't have the topper or the drip tip, so not as pretty as I wished for but works great!
    7. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      I agree with Bill. SS is the best in regards to durability of finish. FastTech has the best deal I know of. $53 for SS+ 2 excellent Panny batts and a great charger.
    8. Bill's Magic Vapor
      Bill's Magic Vapor
      Sweet. Peregrin Took's The Bath Song before the road to Bree and one of Bilbo's favorites. Good for you! The Vamo 2 is an excellent device. What about a stainless Vamo 3? Very nice. I have one and the stainless on the way from Fasttech. The quality difference with the stainless and the quality differences on the V3 is quite noticeable to me. I'm assuming this is the tube only, and you may need the kit. Do you have a charger and batteries already?
    9. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Hi OxarkLady. Just having a stove top grease fire and trying to air the place out. BRB.
    10. Bill's Magic Vapor
      Bill's Magic Vapor
      That's Ok, we'll just like whatever you say. No one gives more likes than Vapoor eyes.
    11. Ozarklady
      Yeah, I have forgot a lot of my Tolkien but remember enough to understand what you mean. I think I have found some of the best here at ecf. Kismet! I love Vapoor eyes and he gives the best advice anyone could ask for. I'll have to be careful that I don't just follow both you guys around and just "like" everything you say.
    12. Bill's Magic Vapor
      Bill's Magic Vapor
      What can I say. There I was at Khazad-dum facing the Smoking Monster. I had nothing, then, "You Shall Not Pass" came to mind, and the rest is history. Old story. Vapoor eyes is my bud too, so we are in good company.
    13. Vapoor eyes er
      Vapoor eyes er
      Thank you kindly for the friend invite. We can all never have too many friends and I'm very touched.
      Thanks again...
      Bill and NanW as friends, I see we're in VERY good company.
      Cheers and have a GREAT day.
    14. Ozarklady
      Thanks, but who wouldn't want to be friends with someone who quotes Tolkien?
    15. Bill's Magic Vapor
      Bill's Magic Vapor
      I accepted your FR. Thank you for the "likes." I like your style!
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    Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning , The Devil says "Oh crap!. She's up!!
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