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Apr 11, 2012
Nov 19, 2008
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Mar 26, 1980 (Age: 41)
Home Page:
Funky Town ! AKA Fort Worth,TX

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Unregistered Supplier, 41, from Funky Town ! AKA Fort Worth,TX

ECF Veteran
parked was last seen:
Apr 11, 2012
    1. kerswills
      Order 7676 Never received. I have opened 3 tickets, sent 4 email, even called the number on my visa charge, left a message and no response from any of them. This is just bad business.
    2. jitter
      still no word on the vp2

    3. Menville
      I sent you another message in reference to order #6693, We are getting close, First shipment Zero juice, you sent out next day but only 1 of the 5, I ordered .I'm sure with the little one on the way ,it was an over site..It will be easier if they are all sent together and the postage will be less..LOL..I was a wreck when my girls were on the way
    4. HYDRO
      ( Order # 5604 ) - - Broken Spade Charger - - Awaiting Any Information What SO Ever on status of getting a working Spade Charger ......
    5. jcamacho
      How much is the Janty stick 3 and do have in stock?
    6. HYDRO
      Hey Parker ! I was wondering when you are gonna have some more 901 batteries in stock ? Also, isn't FunkyTown home of Lex & Terry radio... Dunno if your familiar with them but I listen to them here in Pensacola FL on the radio in morning & they always talk bout FunkyTown being their hometown....
    7. Jeff989
      Hey parker, my order from you was number 5015, well my janty attomizer just stopped working i tried it on multiple batteries (that were freshly charged) and it did not work. Im not quite for sure what to do, but i know its still under warranty, also it is not the "tawa" attomizer, if you could give me some guidance on what to do that would be Great! Thanks Jeff
    8. jj2
      I posted this in a thread but haven't got an answer. I would really like one.
      You're prices on the RN4081 is great, but are they the RN4081AT? The AT is recessed and fits the Super model (atty is a bit bigger than the Njoy Npro).

      If so, when are you going to have some in stock? At that price, I'd take about twenty.

      I think you do have the carts because they got the white insert but just to make sure, the carts I want have the sort of oval shaped inner cart that is white.

      I've asked this before and haven't got an answer!!!

      PM me the answer.

    9. seven
      Hi parked, looking to order some juice, can u check out my pm before I order.

    10. Moobyghost
      Hey Parked, just wanted to see what the status was on the custom size Got Vapor Shirt?
    11. I am Nico
      I am Nico
      Parked I've tried reaching you multiple times about the return / replacement of the Janty Dura-C i bought from you last week . Please send me a PM or an email at . Thank you
    12. phinneyk
      hey parked. those attys you sent me plus my champion atty became clogged real quick. i was wondering how to fix the issue? if you insist on sending me more than ill send these out to you on monday. thnx again.
    13. I am Nico
      I am Nico
      Did you need my shipping info again?
    14. I am Nico
      I am Nico
      Thanks Parked!!!
    15. parked
      Nico No problemo i will get you another one in the mail bud :)
    16. I am Nico
      I am Nico
      Hey parker , I ordered the Janty Dura C off your site a few days ago , One of the batteries seems to only be holding a charge for about 20 or so puffs . was wondering if i can get a replacement? if so, how?

      Danny aka Nico
    17. Reillj
      Hey Parker, I just put in my order for the new t-shirt, and it wouldn't let me use paypal... said that you can't receive payments... I used the with mo problems, I just wanted to give you the heads up.
    18. newbutt
      Parker, Got the order #1957 yesterday. Question: Should I soak these atomizers in some vodka or something? They are full of some kind of liquid that tastes like shint & 10 puffs it's still there. I don't remember the ones that came with the kit being like that.

      BTW, your getting too much of my money
    19. newbutt
      Hey Parker,
      The original order # was 1537. The 1rst confirmation # on the replacement was 9101010521297932132697,it looks like it's still floating around out there, then it looks like you resent it that # is 9101010521297939099054 & it hasn't moved from "processed" since the 15th.
      David Newman aka Newbutt

      It was kinda funny watching that batt flash with the music
    20. mmmvaping
      hey man how ya doing? So whats going on with the maserati? i would love here about the specs/performance/cost. Also would love to see a few pics as well. I've been looking at so many mods out there and yet none of them grab my eye balls and shock my brain numb with desperation. I'm hoping to here more of your atomizers or what type it will use. I hope you have come up with your own design. Would love to have an all American E-CIG MOD. Well being a veteran makes me more apreative of the ol U.S>A. Well hope to see your post at a later date.
      Thanks Charles
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    Mar 26, 1980 (Age: 41)
    Home Page:
    Funky Town ! AKA Fort Worth,TX
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    Nothing really started my business when I was 16 years old I'm 28 now and still doing what I love !!

    Exotic Cars !

    The Super Store !! All the products you want
    in one place !!!
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