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Jun 18, 2022
Aug 26, 2009
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Detroit Rock City

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Super Member, from Detroit Rock City

ECF Veteran
Pav was last seen:
Jun 18, 2022
    1. beckyblue
      Yeah, since you'd hardly played in the first one, I knew my chances at luring you in were slim, but I'd remembered that you'd played that fave of mine, so a girl can hope. Plus, I didn't know you played drums before popping in, so bonus. :2cool:!! A mod told me games are only for the Lounge, and the same dude thought Mac pushed it with the TOS:rolleyes: on a couple videos. If there are any youtube videos of you playing, why not put a link up in the random thoughts thread? A girl can hope...
    2. beckyblue
    3. uba egar320
      uba egar320
      Good to be back. Hope all is well with you and yours.
    4. ricksinvest
      you can change back now dude .. :)
    5. ricksinvest
      I'll keep the avatar warm for you...
    6. ricksinvest
      Well, it got flexed out to the Sunday night game. Should be a great atmosphere.
    7. ricksinvest
      you sure you still up for this bet?
    8. uba egar320
      uba egar320
      Those guys were pretty bad ...! 9 to 4. Not bad for a bunch of old guys. When they came out to warm up, we knew we were in trouble lol.
    9. uba egar320
      uba egar320
      LOL Don't know about all that. I'm just gonna try and survive tonight. I've seen these cats practice a few times. I'm out of my league for sure, but it's gonna be a blast though.
    10. ricksinvest
      to be fair ... I like the Lions and know what it's like to have a checkered past....

      I loved when they beat the Cowboys, that was awesome..

      damn sure wouldn't do this with a Falcons fan!!

      make no mistake ... IT'S ON
    11. ricksinvest
      OK Pav, I've got it.

      When the Saints play the Lions on 12/4....

      if the Saints win, you have to change your Avatar to a Fleur de Lis (I'll even let you borrow mine) :) if by some miracle, the Lions win, I'll change my logo to that lion thingy you got.

      For one whole week.

      Whatdaya say?
    12. uba egar320
      uba egar320
      Get to play a real game tonight against a local university!! Pretty stoked...
    13. uba egar320
      uba egar320
      Finally got an invite to advanced hockey night lol. Woot woot! Now I'm really gonna go get hurt and have some fun.
    14. suddenly
      Husband and wife sitting, having some wine.
      Wife says, "I love you."
      Husband says, "Is that you or the wine talking?"
      Wife says, "Its me...............talking to the wine."[​IMG]
    15. uba egar320
      uba egar320
      Thanks Pav. It's been a wild week. It looks like my kids temperature finally went down, so I'm gonna go play some hockey tonight to get my mind off of it all for a bit.
    16. suddenly
      Yes Sir SM

      [​IMG]to you and the ones you love, Nancy
    17. Surf Monkey
      Surf Monkey
      More people need to visit your page and tell you how awesome you are. Hear that everyone? You're all on notice.
    18. Bombenhagel
      Great comments. It shows you're a thinker, which I respect. I also play drums. Friend me, friend!
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    Detroit Rock City
    Engineer, musician

    Drums, Synths, Hockey


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