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Mar 7, 2019
Sep 5, 2009
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North Texas

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Ultra Member, from North Texas

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Mar 7, 2019
    1. keyzygirl
      Where have you been? Why dont you pop into V4L anymore?
    2. NightVapor
      Thanks for the tips. I hadn't thought of lining up the holes. Unfortunetly, that didn
      t work either. It's puzzling to me, because it worked great for the first few days, I was in vaping heaven. Figured I just needed to clean the adapt. Put it to soak in hot water and put spare adapt on. No go, barely any air flow.
      Cleaned the bb, put on 510 atty, and it worked fine.
      The cleaned adapters still didn't work, so soaked them in efferdent overnight. A little better, but WAY to hard yet.
      When I attempted to clean adapter air holes in thread, there is some type of rubber O ring, or something inside. Do yours have this?
      When I stop up one end and blow through the other, I can't feel any air coming out the holes in the threads, if you can on yours, that would let me know for sure if my adapters are clogged.
      If you could check that out, I would really appreciate it!
      If you have any other ideas, I'll be glad to listen.
      Thanks a lot,
    3. NightVapor
      Enjoy your posts! Got a question if you have the time and inclination. Just got my BB a week ago. I to only use V4L cartomizers. I got 2 of altsmokes 501-KR808 adapters. They now have a very hard pull though. Was just wondering what kind of set-up you use for the V4L? Thanks, NightVapor
    4. MaryMarcelle
      You are TOO nice~! I'm doing fine on supplies, but just by making such a generous offer speaks volumes to me about what kind of person you truly are ~ a very nice one that I have much respect for.
    5. hecknaw
      Yep! juts a note to say Hello and trust thats er do'n fine! I juts can't gets anuff uf dis Silver bullet. Give me some cigar juice with a touch uf hazzlenut and i'm goodago!! Lets me know whats sum uf er favert juices are?.....Randall
    6. hecknaw
      Yep!! paw, Thankye fer allowing me to be counted amongst er friends. always enjoy seeing er post in different threads as they show up!! you have erself a goot day..........Hecknaw.....randall
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    North Texas


    Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. - Samuel Langhorne Clemens
    V4L Signature Generator
    Silver Bullet & BB. Nothing but V4L cartomizers!
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